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5 Cruelty Free Makeup Artists to Follow on Instagram

top cruelty free makeup artists on instagram

Instagram beauty vloggers, social media influencers, and makeup artists may be a dime a dozen, however, not all are created equally. While the majority have, admittedly, exceptional talent, some take it a step even further by proudly showing their support for the worthiest of causes.

Animal cruelty, especially in the business of beauty, may have been common some time ago but now there are numerous alternatives to those harmful products - and the pain and heartache that comes with the production of them. Subsequently, more makeup artists are opting for cruelty-free alternatives, saving one living creature at a time. These are the best of the bunch for year 2020. 

Here are our top picks for 5 incredible, cruelty-free makeup artists to follow on Instagram! 

5. Jessica Haze Mua:

Youtube personality, Instagram star, incredibly talented vegan makeup artist, and all-around bad@ss female! Jessica Haze is not only known for her impeccable makeup skills but she also supports a variety of cruelty-free causes. Check out her fur ball-friendly looks on her popular IG page.

4. Kelsey Anna Fitzpatrick:

A highly regarded member of the Kat Von D Artistry Collective, Kelsey Anna Fitzpatrick is well-known for her uniquely eclectic beauty looks, which she awesomely manages to create with cruelty-free makeup. This bold, cat-loving, makeup artist, veterinary assistant extraordinaire is a must-follow for any and all beauty lovers on the Gram.

3. Kevin Ninh:

Never afraid to be himself, FlawlessKevin also shows no trepidation when it comes to his amazing makeup skills. As unique as he is, his looks feel and look like actual art. Follow him for tips, to admire his work, or simply to listen to his hilarious rants...but, seriously, you should definitely be following him. 

2. Lipstick Kitty:

Makeup tutorials, beauty tips, and giveaways...oh my. Lipstick Kitty has amassed quite the following on Instagram and it is no secret why. Her looks are stunningly gorgeous, she’s real, and she is all about being completely cruelty-free in a me-me-me kind of world.

1. Stephanie Lange:

Quite possibly one of the most well-known IG makeup artists on our list, Stephanie Lange is a professional, all-inclusive, cruelty-free makeup artist from the land down under (although now based in Ireland). She promotes vegan and cruelty-free makeup applications that can be done by anyone and is currently a superstar collaborator with Sigma. 

Not too long ago, the majority of beauty products were tested on animals - much of which would be considered torture. No one should have to suffer in the name of beauty! Thankfully, times are changing and it is no longer acceptable to abuse innocent, defenseless animals for vanity. There is simply no need for it.

Instagram is all about following those that are inspirational and the above makeup artists are not only that but insanely talented as well. 

After getting the ultimate glow up using inspo from the masters above, be sure to set it with ZINC IT OVER®, our revolutionary Over Makeup Sunscreen Facial Mist! We are Cruelty-Free and Vegan and always will be!

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