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Benefits of the Vitamin-C Packed Superfruit, Acerola Cherry

acerola cherry benefits for skin

Acerola cherries are a small fruit rich in Vitamin C. In fact, for every one cup of Acerola cherries, you'd have to intake 16 cups of oranges! Also, despite the name, they are actually not a cherry. Let us explain! Because this small but mighty fruit contains edible seeds rather than pits like a typical cherry, it is more closely related to a berry.

This South American native has a host of amazing benefits for your skin and hair, and your overall health. 

Supports Oral Health

Acerola cherries are full of powerful antioxidants and high in acids that can kill microbes. They’re so great at it, they’re even used in antimicrobial mouthwashes! The antimicrobial properties of acerola cherries protect your teeth from decay, strengthen your gums, and prevent infection.

Improves Skin Health

Vitamin C is amazing for your skin. It gives your skin a healthy glow, and more even tone, by fighting off infections and free radicals that lead to sunspots, age spots, and redness. The antimicrobial properties of the Acerola cherry protect your skin from breakouts and blemishes. The high concentration of vitamin C also promotes collagen production and increases your skin and hair’s ability to heal itself.

Helps Fight Disease and Infection

Acerola cherries, whether you’re eating them, or taking them in a supplement, are heavy in antioxidants. Not only can they help you heal faster, but they can also actually prevent the growth and spread of disease. From the free radicals that cause cancer to the bacteria that cause diseases, acerola cherries can battle them all to improve the way you look and feel.

Improves Digestive and Metabolic Health

Historically, acerola cherry has been used to treat digestive issues and stomach pain. Because it’s an anti-inflammatory, acerola cherries are great for your metabolic function. It’s also a good source of pectin fiber, which makes it perfect for regulating your digestive system, stabilizing your blood sugar, and easing stomach pains.

Protect Cognitive Function

Some cherries and berries help protect against memory loss and improve cognitive function. Anthocyanins and other phytonutrients can protect against memory loss and cognitive deterioration related to age. The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of acerola cherries are also great for improving your energy levels and reducing inflammation. This cuts down on post-exercise symptoms like muscle pain and fatigue. 

As you can see, acerola cherries are the next great superfood and why we had to include it in our formula for ZINC IT OVER! Along with other superfoods such as blueberries, pomegranate, green algae, and pumpkin seed, your skin will not only be protected but nourished.

We said no to pumping up our sunscreen with a host of harmful chemicals like Avobenzone, Octinoxate, Oxybenzone, and Benzophenone in order to achieve a freakishly high SPF. Instead, we set out to formulate a natural yet effective sunscreen by combining the power of Non-Nano Zinc Oxide with some of the most functional and sought after ingredients available on the market. Experience the difference today!

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