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The Ultimate Spring Bucket List For Your Best Self

Spring Bucket List

Spring is a time for rebirth and renewal so why not put together a spring bucket list! Yes, a spring bucket list is a great way to have fun but it’s also a fantastic way to accomplish goals, experience something new, and explore your inner self. Studies even show that people are happier when they spend money on experiences rather than material purchases, so what are you waiting for? Check out our ultimate spring bucket list ideas to get you started!

Volunteer at an animal shelter

Nothing is better than the satisfaction you get from helping an innocent animal. Also, you get lots of cuddles!

Plan a home paint & wine night

Why spend unnecessary money going to a restaurant or art studio for a paint and wine night? Do it in the comfort of your own home for half the price. Plus it’s more fun and you don’t have to drive!

Play a game of tennis or basketball

Gather the ladies, pick teams, and release some stress! This is the perfect opportunity to get some exercise and Instagram worthy selfies. Let the games begin!

Visit an art museum

Going to an art museum alone will allow you to explore your emotions, inspire creativity, and learn without time constraints.

Go on a road trip with your gals

Download your favorite tunes, pack must-have road trip snacks, and hit the road. Don’t forget to pack an emergency kit and ZINC IT OVER® Sunscreen Facial Mist!

Start an herb garden

Shop for some cute mini-pots with drainage, select the herbs you prefer, read the care requirements carefully, and give them what they need. Having your own garden whether outdoors or indoors is super rewarding and will save you a little cash too!

Take a hike

Find hiking trails in your area and pick one that suits you. Hiking is a fantastic way to be active, clear your head, and connect with nature. Be sure to take plenty of water, all safety precautions, and of course, ZINC IT OVER®!

Go Vegan

Ok, we kinda snuck this one in but if you’re not already vegan, why not give it a try- even if it’s only temporary?! Seasonal spring fruits and vegetables offer a variety of incredibly tasty vegan dishes to try out plus your body will thank you! Every "body” needs a break from the ordinary and the same goes for your body!

Clean your closet

You’re going to be switching from winter to spring fashion anyway so why not clean out your closet while you’re at it? Donate all those clothes you thought you were going to wear but never did (and no, you’re not going to wear them next year either!) so that other people can put them to good use.

Spend the day at the library

With the rise of digital media, you may not have visited the library in years but they still have a lot to offer. Not only is the feeling of actually exploring the library and picking out a physical book a breath of fresh air but many libraries have also evolved to offer all sorts of classes on topics from culture, photography, and 3-D printing!

Have a tea party

Invite your closest gal pals over for a formal tea party. That means wearing fancy clothes, making tiny sandwiches and desserts, and “spilling some tea!”

Climb a tree

Climbing trees may seem pretty childish but it’s actually a great reminder of some very important life lessons: Sometimes you need to look at things from a different perspective, there is more than one way to accomplish your goals, stay focused and plan your next move, and it’s ok to take a step back or enjoy the view from your current position- just don’t get complacent.

Take a tandem bike ride

We’ve all secretly wanted to try out those two-seater bikes so why not give it a go! Call up your bestie, plan out your route, and have a blast! Keep your skin protected with ZINC IT OVER® Sunscreen Facial Mist and remember to reapply every two hours!

Bird watching

Many birds migrate during the spring giving you the perfect opportunity to do a little bird watching. Get a bird watching guide from your local library, a set of binoculars, and a cup of coffee or wine. Enjoy this activity alone or with a friend.

Have a relaxing spa night

Treat yourself to a home spa night all by yourself. You’ll need a few roses (for rose petals in the bath), candles, lavender oil, bath bomb, your favorite book, a cup of chamomile tea, and a DIY body scrub. After relaxing, read your favorite book in the bed, sans Netflix!

We hope these spring bucket list ideas inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and treat your mind, body, and soul to a little self-love. These are literally just a fraction of the countless spring bucket list ideas that you can do so be brave and creative. We here at Seriously FAB, are committed to helping you live your best life by sharing our passion for living each day fully, accepting nothing short of greatness and giving back for a better tomorrow.

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