Wholesale Ordering

Wholesale Ordering 

Wholesale Ordering 
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Next Wholesale Opportunity will be: Monday, August 1st 2022

New bottle dimensions

Please note while our award-winning formula is the same, we are transitioning to new bottles with slightly different dimensions. Some cases may have a mix of the new and previous bottles. 

Expiration dates

Please dispose of all products by the expiry date marked on each bottle. We strongly recommend that bottles are sold 6 months before the date of expiry to provide your customers with ample time for use.

May Case Configurations:

Cases 1-4 are SOLD OUT

Case 1

Case 5

4 bottles of Unscented
4 bottles of Tropical Floral
4 bottles of Exotic Fruit

$258 + $17.95 Shipping & Handling

Case 2

Case 6

4 bottles of Unscented
2 bottles of Tropical Floral
4 bottles of Citrus Passion
2 bottles of Seaside Escape

$258 + $17.95 Shipping & Handling

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