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10 Easy Ways to Love Your Skin This Valentine's Day

Ways to love your Skin

Valentine’s Day is a great excuse for some pampering, especially with winter weather wreaking havoc on our skin. Be good to your skin on Valentine’s Day, and throughout the cold winter months, with these tips:

Change Your Diet

Who doesn’t love the odd indulgent treat for Valentine’s Day? But, to go easy on your skin this winter, it’s important to eat right. Leafy green vegetables, plenty of carrots, and high-fat foods like nuts, and avocados will keep your skin glowing and gorgeous. So make sure you eat right for that romantic dinner for two (or one)!

Hydrate Often

Speaking of your diet, are you drinking enough water? Say yes to chocolate-covered strawberries, but stay away from chocolate-covered coffee beans, and other diuretics that can dry you out. You may not be sweating like you do in summer, but with the heat running, and all those extra layers, your skin will dry out fast. Make sure to get your 8 glasses of water in, to keep you healthy, and keep your skin happy.

Clean Up Your Beauty Routine

If you’re glamming up for big Valentine’s Day plans, remember to take care of your skin. Yes, that includes removing your makeup before hitting the sack. This is important to have clear, glowing skin every day, not just the special days!

Sunscreen (Yes, In The Winter!)

It’s a surprise to many, but sunscreen in the winter months is incredibly important. Sun on the snow can get very glaring, and the UV that you are exposed to in winter is as dangerous for your skin as the bright summer sun. Remember to use sunscreen daily, especially on your face and hands. This will not only keep your skin gorgeous and healthy but also lower the risk of skin cancer.

Keep the Thermostat Low

The dry heat in winter can put a damper on your romantic evening in more ways than one. Dry heat dehydrates your skin, leaving it looking dull. Keep things running cooler, and warm up with a romantic fireplace or candlelight dinner.

Go Easy On The Hot Showers

In the mood for a steamy shower after a day of fun in the snow? It’s not necessarily a great idea for your skin, as it turns out. Hot water can lead to dry, damaged skin. Resist the temptation for a steamy bath, and take a warm soak instead. Remember not to soak too long, or you'll rob your body of natural oils that keep it moist and elastic.

winter dry skin tips

Get a Humidifier

With all the dry heat of an indoor winter, you’ll want to invest in a good humidifier. It’s great for helping you breathe easier, and it keeps your skin hydrated and healthy.

Use Natural Products

It’s normal to have sensitive and overly pale skin in the winter months. To keep things bright, stay away from synthetic ingredients in your moisturizers, toners and makeup. Use natural ingredients like vitamin E, shea butter, and rose water, which are gentler on your skin, and are sure to leave you glowing.


Between dry skin, dry heat, and covering up all the time, you’re bound to have a hard time keeping your skin supple. Remember to exfoliate regularly with pumice stones. Pay close attention to your elbows, ankles, feet, and knees. A good sugar scrub is a great addition to your bath, totally natural, and goes a long way to exfoliate your skin!

Keep Things Relaxing

Finally, it’s important to keep stress levels down for the sake of your skin. Stress causes cortisol levels to rise, which causes aging and dullness in your skin. A few drops of lavender in your usual moisturizers can help keep you relaxed and keep your skin looking younger. Before using essential oils, remember to test on a small patch of skin, and wait at least 24 hours for a reaction.

Remember, Valentine's Day can be all about loving yourself, skin included! 


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