ZINC IT OVER® Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Facial Mist – Seriously FAB®

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See why skin pros love this uniquely versatile SPF.

Use on bare skin or Over Makeup. Facial broad spectrum sunscreen reinvented. Shop Now

Safe for all skin types with no yucky chemicals.

No longer do you have to compromise your health for the sake of sun protection. Shop Now

Give your skin what it needs and deserves.

ZINC IT OVER® protects your skin from nasty sun damage and improves it at the same time. Shop Now

ZINC IT OVER® provides a superior solution to a long-standing problem.

If you are not reapplying sunscreen every 2 hours, you are exposing your skin to sun damage for an extended period of time. ZINC IT OVER® provides a pleasant and convenient way to defend the #1 cause of early aging, while wearing makeup!

Our fine + sheer SPF mist leaves NO white cast, dries quickly (no need to rub in) and feels lightweight on the skin.

Get your bottle today and join the thousands of women that have made ZINC IT OVER® a staple in their skincare routines!

Supercharged ingredients from nature, not a lab.

Non-nano Zinc Oxide

Safest sunscreen active on the market


Evens skin tone and defends against UV damage

Green Algae

Detoxifies and reduces oxidative stress


Brightens and neutralizes free radicals

Vitamin E

Softens and hydrates

Rooibos Tea

Soothes and promotes healthy cell growth

Pumpkin Seed

Firms and improves elasticity


Plumps and lifts out impurities

Aloe Vera

Calms and nourishes

Acerola Cherry

Boosts collagen production
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Powerful 3-in-1 functionality

The perfect
finishing touch

#1 Makeup setting spray that creates a fresh, airbrushed look.

Powerful 3-in-1 functionality

Portable and convenient

#2 Sunscreen mist to reapply on-the-go.

Powerful 3-in-1 functionality

Get your youthful
glow back

#3 Anti-aging serum that brightens + hydrates + calms the skin.

For those concerned about chemicals, this sunscreen is all-natural, making it a no-brainer choice for sun protection. 

Dr. Rafaeloff, Le Jolie Medi Spa

It is the sunscreen I had always wished existed, but could not find until now!


ZINC IT OVER is an all-around treat and you can't say that about many sunscreens!


"This helps to meld all the makeup together so it looks much more of an airbrushed, dewy finish that’s glowy but not super shiny!”


Finally a product for sun protection I can use over my make up that is all natural and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin!


They need to sell this in every spa, salon and dermatologist office!


It smells great and leaves my face feeling hydrated and refreshed.


This product is a dream!


I honestly didn't think it was possible, but Seriously Fab Zinc It Over SPF 25 has made Zinc Oxide so sheer, you get no greasy sheen or white cast. Phew! 


The 4 pillars we stand behind

Easy to apply zinc sunscreen mist

Easy to apply!

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