Unscented SPF Mist

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Best zinc oxide sunscreen spray.
Best natural sheer facial sunscreen.
Sunscreen that is easy to apply over makeup.
Unscented SPF Mist

Unscented SPF Mist

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Our award-winning facial sunscreen mist with no added fragrance (3 fl oz). Let them call you boring! We know the truth. You’re an eternal wild child/overachiever with a soft spot for kittens, bad boys and cheesy love songs.  

Designed for use OVER MAKEUP but can also be used on bare skin. Eliminates the need for SPF powders and mineral makeup that look cakey and magnify lines.

Spray top may be white or gold.

We stand behind our formula and offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

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Product Details

Product Details

Achieve your #bestskinever with our 3-in-1 SPF superstar!

Non-Nano Zinc Oxide SPF 25 Sunscreen Facial Mist.

Physical broad spectrum sun defense (both UVA + UVB rays).

Provides THREE key functions:

  • Sets makeup giving a fresh, airbrushed look
  • Defends skin against sun damage via reapplication every 2 hours
  • Delivers hydration and nourishment to the skin, extending its youthful appearance 

Bottle sizes are TSA approved -- perfectly portable for purses and travel bags!

Suitable for all skin types, Reef Safe and NO whitecast.

Absolutely NO animal testing or animal byproducts (Cruelty Free and Vegan).

Non-aerosol FINE + SHEER spray mist application delivers delicate yet ample coverage.

Fast absorbing, lightweight, and refreshing!

No Yucky Chemicals.

Made in the U.S.A.

*Please note: product measurement is 3 fl oz in a 4 oz and 1.6 fl oz in a 2 oz hermetically sealed cylinder bottle - this is intentional so that there is space in the bottle to shake the product well before using. Bottles are made of a safe and 100% recyclable packaging material.


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