little known travel destinations

Four Obscure Destinations to put on Your Travel Bucket List

We don’t know about you but we are ready for some fun in the sun! And while a walk in the park is always nice, and those discount trips to Cuba can be tempting, there’s something really special about heading off into the unknown, and spending your vacation somewhere no one you know has ever been. It’s also a help they won’t be crawling with other tourists! So pack your ZINC IT OVER® Sunscreen Facial Mist and your favorite shades, and check out these little-known gems.
benefits and uses of pomegranate for the skin

The Benefits Of Pomegranate For The Skin And How To Use It

Organic ingredients help to renew, refresh and hydrate your skin, providing a healthy and natural glow. Not to mention, almost all of the ingredients are often found right in your kitchen! The list is endless, but one of the items that simply can't be ignored is the beautiful pomegranate. There are so many benefits when it comes to pomegranate, especially for your overall skin health.

2018 Summer Fashion Trends

This Year's Best Summer Fashion Trends You Need To Try!

The summer season has officially begun, and that means that it is time to up the ante in your wardrobe. Trends are always changing, and we are here to bring you the summer fashion trends that will keep you hotter than the summer sun.
beauty industry secrets

3 Secrets The Beauty Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know About

The beauty industry is a multi-billion global industry that encompasses everything from skincare to makeup. But the beauty industry isn’t very transparent, often hiding many things from its consumers. Here are a few secrets that the beauty industry doesn’t want you to know about!
How Gardening Can Improve Your Health

How Gardening Can Improve Your Health

Some people garden because they realize that the benefits of doing so are endless. Not only is gardening a fun and educational hobby, but you will also develop an appreciation for nature. But there is more to it than that - physically, mentally and even spiritually, gardening can greatly improve your health.
7 DIY Skin Care Products To Make Mom This Mother's Day

7 DIY Skin Care Products To Make Mom This Mother's Day

We have comprised a list of some of the best DIY skincare gifts and goodies that you can make for your mother to enjoy because the best gifts are handmade with love, right? With that said, let's get to our list of the top seven DIY skin care products that you can make for this coming Mother's Day!
Women in red bathing suit in the sun applying zinc sunscreen

The Truth About SPF Levels

With most recent scientific studies warning us of global warming and a compromised ozone layer, is it any wonder that sunscreen companies are scrambling to get their products in front of consumers? Is it any wonder these companies are less than truthful with the public about the effectiveness and safety of their products? And is it such a surprise they are cutting corners with little regard to ACTUAL consumer safety?
Three bohemian girls in shorts and boots having a fun time at Coachella Music Festival

5 Essentials You Must Take To Coachella

Coachella Music Festival is a place to let your inner bohemian loose for a few days, and look cool and stylish at the same time! So if you’re headed to Coachella this year to see Eminem, The Weeknd, Queen Bey and the rest of the stellar lineup, here are some key items you need to take with you!
Cruelty Free makeup

Six Reasons To Pick Cruelty Free Cosmetics Today

From Instagram influencers like Huda Kattan and Isabella Fiori to beauty guru celebs like Jenna Dewan and Bellamy Young, more and more people are turning their backs on conventional corporate conglomerate beauty products. Nobody likes the idea of testing new shades of lipstick on adorable little mice, but are there really other benefits to a Cruelty-Free skincare regime? 
Two girls having fun

The Ultimate Spring Bucket List For Your Best Self

Spring is a time for rebirth and renewal so why not put together a spring bucket list! Yes, a spring bucket list is a great way to have fun but it’s also a fantastic way to accomplish goals, experience something new, and explore your inner self.
Toxic chemicals in skincare

8 Chemicals to Ditch From Your Beauty Routine Now

We live in a chemical filled world, and our cosmetics are no exception. Most products come with a laundry list of unpronounceable ingredients, making it hard to know what we’re really putting on our skin. Ingredients are impossible to decipher without a science degree or some serious Googling.
Girl doing yoga pose at Grand Canyon

3 Hot Fitness Trends to Try in 2018

With warmer weather right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to get your exercise on, but gym memberships are becoming stale and everyone's looking for new, hot fitness trends to try in 2018. Here's your guide to getting and remaining fit this year with these top three fitness trends.