skin benefits of acerola cherries

Benefits of the Vitamin-C Packed Superfruit, Acerola Cherry

Acerola cherries are a small fruit rich in Vitamin C. In fact, for every one cup of Acerola cherries, you'd have to intake 16 cups of oranges! This South American native has a host of amazing benefits for your skin and hair, and your overall health.
le jolie medi spa feature

Retailer Spotlight: Le Jolie Medi Spa

When you're looking for a place to start you on the right track, look no further than Le Jolie Medi Spa. Le Jolie Medi Spa is a one-of-a-kind approach to skincare. The dedicated team can help you find a care plan that works for you.
Why Your Skin's pH Matters & How to Balance It Naturally

Why Your Skin's pH Matters & How to Balance It Naturally

pH balance is vital to your skin health. Your skin is naturally designed to fight off infection, and environmental stresses. PH balance refers to how acidic or alkaline your skin is. It’s important to be aware of how your pH balance stacks up. The pH scale for your skin is from 1-14.
mother daughter gift ideas mothers day

10 Best Mother-Daughter Last Minute Gift Ideas

With Mother's Day fast approaching, you want a chance to show mom how much you appreciate everything she means to the family. These gifts are perfect for mom and include gifts appropriate for any age.
stylish wide brimmed hats summer

Hats Off to these 7 Wide-Brimmed Hats for Summer Style

Now that we know just how dangerous those sun rays can be, a wide-brimmed, sun-protective hat is one of the most essential items to have. We have narrowed down the best sun protective, vegan hats for chic and safe, summer style.
Retailer Spotlight: ROOTS the Beauty Underground

Retailer Spotlight: ROOTS the Beauty Underground

If you’re looking for a clean beauty company that cares about its clients and doesn’t skimp on quality, Roots, the Beauty Underground can deliver!
spring break staycation ideas

10 Spring Break Ideas for the Ultimate Home Staycation

If you can’t make it to your vacation destination, then you are just going to have to find a way to bring the destination to you. The following are the top 10 spring break ideas for the ultimate ‘staycation’ in the comfort of your home.

The Best Healthy Skin Tips For Staying Indoors

The Best Healthy Skin Tips For Staying Indoors

Thanks to COVID-19, we’ll likely be spending most of our spring indoors. While this is bad news for most of us, it can be good news for your skin. Not going out every day means you’re likely using less makeup and a less complex skin routine. However, it does come with its own set of challenges.
sunscreen and athletes

Sun Protection Tips for Athletes to Prevent Skin Cancer

With the focus being centered on the sport, it can be easy to put skin and sun care on the back burner. This could result in serious, long term damage including skin cancer. Today we go over the most important tips athletes should keep in mind when it comes to their sun protection and overall skincare regimen.

Skincare Tips for Melanin Rich Skin That Actually Work!

Skincare Tips for Melanin Rich Skin That Actually Work!

Having melanin-rich skin comes with a host of benefits! That natural and magical pigmentation has been found to play a role in protecting against hearing loss,  AMD, and yes, skin cancer. But wait, slow your roll! When it comes to your dark skin, it is more susceptible to some unpleasant skin issues.
Best UV Sun Protective Clothing Brands for Women

Best UV Sun Protective Clothing Brands for Women

A plethora of sun-protective clothing brands has emerged on the market. With the staggering number now available, you may have some difficulty deciding which brand to go with. So, we have rounded up 8 of the best in the business!
spring skincare tips

12 Dermatologist-Approved Tips for the Ultimate Spring Skincare Routine

Spring is fast approaching, which means fun in the sun, pretty sundresses, and a fresh, clean, look. Your skin takes center stage during this season and you want it to look, and feel healthy and amazing. According to the experts, the following tips should be considered when formulating your spring skincare routine.

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