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10 Best Fall Skin Care Tips for Natural Beauty

Best hydrating sunscreen mist for fall.

We of all people know that natural beauty is vital at all times. The fall season, however, brings along some peculiarities when it comes to weather conditions. The sun begins to go down earlier, the cold weather begins to set in and the foliage of most plants also begins to fall off. All of these have a cumulative impact on the human skin including dry patches, redness, and cracked lips. For these reasons, we thought it would be a great resource to share with you some of the most effective organic skin care techniques for the cooler weather.

Tip #1: Undo the Summer Regimen to attain Natural Beauty

Completely different approaches are needed to care for your skin as summer makes way for cooler weather. The number one task is to get rid of the summer skincare regimen including certain makeups, lotions, and other skincare products you used in summer. Opt instead for those that are relevant for the fall season. Continue reading to learn what you need to switch up or add to an effective fall skin care routine.

Tip #2: Apply Moisturizers
As mentioned, the fall months are usually characterized by low humidity. This inevitably causes sensitive skin to become dry. To counter this, we recommend that you implement natural humectants into your routine through the use thicker butters, creams, and oils. Treat yourself to a moisturizing face mask using hydrating ingredients such as coconut oil, aloe, chamomile, and shea butter. Moreover, these natural moisturizers are just as effective as the best anti-aging products sold in stores and they help to prevent premature wrinkles.

Tip #3: Exfoliate your Skin Regularly
Exfoliation simply means removal of the dead layer of skin cells. Some great natural exfoliants to add to your DIY scrub include brown sugar, sea salt, oatmeal, and honey. Simply apply the homemade scrubs on the skin, gently rub into the skin using a circular motion, allow to sit for about 15 minutes and rinse with a cool cloth. This technique will ‘peel off’ the dead layer to reveal a fresh, smooth and glowing surface.

Tip #4: Shield your Skin from Ultraviolet Radiation
We often have to remind people that even in the fall months, the Ultra Violet radiation levels remain more or less constant notwithstanding the diminishing solar intensity. As such, it is still imperative that you shield your skin from these harmful radiations. Applying an over makeup sunscreen facial mist, wearing a natural SPF makeup setting spray or top rated sunscreen, and wearing protective clothing, will block such radiation from penetrating into your skin.

Tip #5: Reduce the Intake of Caffeine
As the temperatures plummet, you may be tempted to resort to the consumption of hot beverages as a way of staying warm and cozy. However, try to take it easy on the caffeinated beverages like coffee and tea. Caffeine dehydrates the skin so opt instead for organic green tea, apple cider, or hot chocolate which is devoid of caffeine.

Tip #6: Opt for Soap-free Hydrating Cleansers and Mists
Ordinary soaps usually leave the skin drier after a bathing session. Because of this, you should consider abandoning them in favor of soap-free hydrating cleansers. These products not only cleanse your body thoroughly but also hydrate it. By opting for them, you stand to reap the dual benefits of deep cleansing and hydration of the skin at the same time! Another important factor in keeping your skin hydrated in drinking plenty of water. We know you hear it all the time, but it’s true! Drinking the recommended 8 cups will make a huge difference in your skin any time of the year.

Tip #7: Switch from Lotion to Creams
Creams have relatively thicker moisturizers when compared to lotions. Because of this, they are more likely to provide your skin with the moisture it requires to weather the fall months. Thus, you should certainly consider ditching the lotions in favor of creams. They are also effective in preventing the loss of moisture from the skin. You can also invest in a hydrating facial mist to keep in your purse. These facial mists will help keep your face hydrated without messing up your makeup.

Tip #8: Care for your Lips
Lips also, just like the rest of the skin, do get dry and cracked at during these times (isn’t it the worst!). As such, you also ought to give them the attention they deserve. Ensure that they are moisturized at all times. Use non-petroleum based lip balms to do the job. You can also try creating your own hydrating lip scrub. Its super easy, fun, cheap, and effective.

Tip #9: Eating healthy fall harvest favorites
Fall fruits and vegetables are arguably some of the healthiest foods for your body. Some of these delicious delights include blueberry, squash, pomegranate, and pumpkin. Most of them contain high levels of antioxidants. With that being said, go right ahead -feasting on these foods will quite literally feed your body from the inside out.

Tip #10: Don’t forget your Scalp
Head scalp, just like the rest of the skin, also experiences some dryness. This leads to the formation of dandruff. To mitigate these, you may consider switching to anti-dandruff shampoo and hair moisturizers. These will exfoliate your scalp and also help the hair to retain some moisture.
It goes without saying that these ten fall skin care tips are by no means exhaustive. There are tons of other natural techniques to keep your skin moisturized and looking flawless all season long. What is your favorite organic skincare do’s and dont’s for fall?

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