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5 Essentials You Must Take To Coachella

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It’s festival season and to start off all the musical fun and festivities is the beloved and highly anticipated Coachella. As one of the biggest yearly music festivals that always sells out EVEN before the lineups are even released, it’s the hottest festival of the season. Not only is it a place to hear some great music, but it’s also the place to spot some of the trendiest celebrities as they come and go with the rest of us mere mortals.

Simply put, Coachella Music Festival is a place to let your inner bohemian loose for a few days, and look cool and stylish at the same time! So if you’re headed to Coachella this year to see Eminem, The Weeknd, Queen Bey and the rest of the stellar lineup, here are some must-have Coachella items you need to take with you:

You can’t go to an outdoor festival without your coolest sunglasses! The weather in the Coachella Valley is usually really hot and sunny, so sunglasses are simply a must. Plus, you’re most likely be hungover from all the fun you’re going to have and it’s the perfect way to hid those bloodshot eyes! Right now, all the big IG influencers are wearing DIFF or Quay sunglasses and each have some pretty amazing styles!

Wide Brim Hat
Part of that Bohemian style that everyone tries to mimic at Coachella includes some sort of wide brim hat or fedora. Not only is this a stylish way to show off your inner boho, but it’ll also keep your head safe from the hot sun while at the festival. Look at Free People or Urban Outfitters and you’re bound to find one that suits your style and matches those Coachella outfits you’ve already been planning out since you bought your tickets!

High-Waisted Shorts
Show off your legs and get a tan at the same time with some high-waisted shorts that are always a staple at Coachella. You can wear shorts with your favorite vintage rock band tee or the infamous crochet tops that everyone usually wears for that gypsy look. But you really can’t go wrong with your favorite high-waisted shorts. Check out Forever 21's selection.

Gladiator Sandals
Sandals in general are essentials for any music festival, but if you really want to make a statement go with gladiator sandals that go all the way up to your knees! Talk about extra! 

Keep your skin safe with ZINC IT OVER® sunscreen! The formula is 100% Cruelty Free and Vegan and made with all Natural ingredients, so it’s safe for your skin. Best of all, it’s sheer and fast absorbing so you can reapply right over your makeup every two hours to combat the nasty effects of sun exposure. Now you can really party with peace of mind!

Have a blast at Coachella and be sure to share your best outdoor festival stories with us!!

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