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6 Skin Care YouTube Channels to Follow This Year

Skin Care YouTube Channels

Skincare YouTube channels are all the rage in today's beauty culture. From learning how to do specific make-up looks to developing your own daily skin care regimen, beauty channels have got you covered! With this advent of content creation, we have gotten to meet several individuals who have taught us how to pamper ourselves the proper way with consistent content creation and a love for their audience.

Here are six YouTube channels that deserve your love! 

Elle Leary Artistry

Elle Leary Artistry

Elle Leary Artistry belongs to celebrity make-up artist Elle Leary. Elle created her skin care YouTube channel to address the issues that women face from age 30 onward, helping them to develop practices that will keep their features flawless as they age. Elle addresses skin care specifically every Sunday by going live on her channel, archiving videos for later viewing, as well! From ingredients you need to be familiar with to acne treatments, she makes sure that you are prepared to understand and own your own beauty treatments. If you're looking for an informed skin care vlogger who wants their audience to share in their love of make-up, Elle Leary is the right fit for you. 

Liah Yoo

Bringing us the best of American and Korean skin care is Liah Yoo. Liah Yoo formerly worked at the largest producer of make-up and skin care products in South Korea before leaving to pursue beauty content creation full time. She gained speed as a beauty vlogger with a focus on Korean beauty and skin care, but has since moved to New York City and launched her own skincare line, Krave Beauty. With the new trend in beauty being Korean brands, Liah deciphers these brands and gives us the best of them for our make-up routines.

Ingrid Nilsen

Ingrid Nilsen

Ingrid Nilsen is a beauty influencer that has taken skincare YouTube channels by storm. Ingrid talks about her personal life and opens up on her channel to her subscribers. On top of this, she welcomes us into her beauty routine with tutorials for facials, caring for your skin while traveling, brand reviews and even a tour of her bathroom cabinet in NYC. She collaborates with many of the top brands in beauty today, such as Simple Skincare, to create and review products that make a positive impact on your skincare routine. As a down-to-earth, adventurous free spirit, Ingrid connects with her audience in a way that only she can, helping to engage and inform her skin care enthusiasts.

Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty, who goes by "Huda" on her channel, is the founder and CEO of Huda Beauty. Huda provides tutorials on her YouTube that cover skin care, make-up, and hair care. She covers the latest beauty hacks, DIYs and even promotes her own line of skin care and make-up products through Huda Beauty. Huda is sensitive about the way that having beautiful skin can affect your mood, not just your outward appearance and is proud of the effect that the channel has had on her subscribers.


Gothamista is a product review and skin care tutorial channel run by Renee. Renee is a self-proclaimed "skin-thusiast" with over ten years of experience in both the buying and development side of beauty products. Renee spends her time trying out skin care products on her channel so that her audience knows the best brands to buy. Renee even does budget-friendly videos to help those of us who are still living on drugstore brands to find the best value for their money... and skin. As a budget conscious vlogger, Renee gets our vote in the top six.

Nicole Guerriero

Nicole Guerriero

One of the longest vlogging YouTubers on our list, Nicole Guerriero saw success during the advent of beauty vlogging. Nicole posts her skincare routines and make-up tutorials regularly on her channel, showing you looks that take minutes to hours, depending on your style and budget. She has partnerships with multiple make-up companies, developing her own beauty brands, including a partnership with OGX. She provides regular content and seasonal content to keep you satisfied all year long. 

Skin care is nothing to bat your beautifully done eyelashes at. Having beautiful, hydrated skin is important too! Not only for your physical appearance but, also, to your spiritual well being. When you are looking to develop your routine, give these YouTubers some love. Your skin will thank you for it!

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