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Prevent These 7 Common Types of Wrinkles

types of face wrinkles

Life is a rollercoaster - chock full of ups, downs, and all-arounds! And our skin, more specifically, the lines of our skin, tell our stories. Everyone ages, nobody stays young forever and the more we age, the more we need to listen to, and take care of, our skin. After all, we only get one epidermis, right? So knowing what we are up against, as well as knowing how to treat and prevent them, is key.

The following are 7 common types of wrinkles and how to prevent them (plus, how to treat them if prevention is no longer an option!).

7. Worry Lines:

These vertical lines develop between the eyebrows. They are sometimes referred to as the elevens because they generally come in a pair, mimicking the number 11. Like most fine lines and wrinkles, these too come along with aging but also with the emotive facial movements you make throughout the years. In addition to general overall skin health, wearing sunglasses with UV protection can be incredibly helpful in their prevention.

6. Crow’s Feet:

Crow’s feet, which develop on the outer corners of the eyes, are typically more pronounced than other lines/wrinkles. This is due in part to the skin in this being around 40 percent thinner and therefore more delicate than other areas on the face. This is another place that could benefit greatly from the regular use of sun-protective sunglasses.

5. Marionette Lines:

These lines are named after the Marionette string puppets due to their resemblance to their jaw hinges (quite the visual, eh?). The lines form on either side of the mouth in an inward and downward pattern. They are often hereditary but can also happen over time thanks to gravity. Although a good skincare routine can help reduce their appearance slightly, other forms of treatment might be needed.

4. Laugh Lines:

laugh lines

The natural creases that form around the mouth, sometimes all the way up to the eyes, are known as laugh lines. Their name is owed to the fact that, for the most part, they are more visible when you are laughing or smiling. Multiple other factors play a role in these developing as well, including lifestyle choices, normal aging processes, and even genetics. Good skincare habits, particularly when started early, can greatly reduce the signs of wrinkles, including laugh lines.

3. Lip Lines:

Resembling a set of fine vertical lines, these wrinkles form on the lips themselves as well as on the skin above the upper lip, sometimes stretching up towards the nose. Since the lips are consistently exposed to the elements, they tend to dry out which can add to the premature aging process. The skin on the lips is also particularly delicate and sometimes gets overlooked/left unprotected. Keep in mind that one of the leading causes of lip lines is sun exposure, so using a lip balm or chapstick with SPF is a must.

2. Bunnies:

These adorably named wrinkles show up on either side of the nose starting at the inner corners of the eyes. These happen to be one of the instances where the lines add to the character of the face and as such, many embrace them, instead of treating them. The more facially emotive you are, especially in the laughter department, the bunnies become more visible. It is also said that certain injectables can unintentionally cause these lines.

1. Forehead Lines:

forehead lines

Also known as ‘glabellar lines’ (getting all scientific up in here), these are some of the most common and oftentimes most prominent or noticeable of the fine lines. As you age, and the less collagen and elastin it produces, the saggier the forehead skin will become. This combined with years of emotions and facial movements causes these lines to become more apparent. Wearing protective headgear, like a baseball cap or sun hat, as well as reapplying a broad-spectrum sunscreen every two hours is some of the best prevention.


Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to fine lines and wrinkles, especially on the face. However, if there is already some damage then it is never too late to develop a good skincare routine - one with a zinc oxide sunscreen for face. Skincare products containing skin healthy ingredients like Vitamins E and C, hyaluronic acid, peptides, retinol, etc. There is also the option of professional intervention in the form of chemical peels, Botox injections, fillers, and other medical treatments.

The Importance of Prevention:

Photoaging is the number one cause of premature aging. Photoaging is caused by exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Not only is it the culprit behind most of your fine lines and wrinkles, but the sun is also a major contributing factor in the risk of skin cancer. The more we learn about the damaging effects of unprotected sun exposure, the more we realize that applying broad-spectrum sunscreen is no longer just an option, it is a daily necessity. If not just for your health, apply a hydrating, natural sunscreen like ZINC IT OVER, to keep your skin looking youthful, fresh, and wrinkle-free.

No one, and I mean no one, escapes the hands of time. There is nothing wrong with embracing the skin you're in - wrinkles and all. But, there is also no reason why we can’t keep it in its best shape, which means developing a skin-specific skincare routine and always practicing sun safety - in other words: Always put on your sunscreen!

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