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Lessons Learned From Burning Man 2018

Burning Man guide

Where can you find a temporary town erected in the middle of a desert each year? Or where crowds of people arrive for the same goal of appreciating arts and community? To find this, head to Nevada in late summer and take in the Burning Man festival.

What is Burning Man?

It's an annual, week-long event held in Nevada, in the Black Rock Desert. Crowds of people erect a temporary town to celebrate the value of art and community without standard limitations of the world. There is a sea of tents and friendly people throughout. It's named after the symbolic and traditional burning of an effigy (The Man) on the Saturday evening of the event.

Burning Man Principles

The Burning Man principles are what influences this event each year. The ten main principles that Burning Man is based upon are as follows: self-reliance, and self-expression, radical inclusion, community cooperation, civic responsibility, gifting, de-commodification, participation, immediacy, and leaving no trace. These principles guide and influence the entire weekend. 

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Lessons Learned From Burning Man

No one defines anyone or anything. At this event, you are free to be you. No one is judging you. No one is asking you to be something else. There are no parameters to stay within. Be you and do what makes you happy. Everyone else is doing this, too.

Network of Like Minds

During this week, you will realize people are awesome. They come together as a compassionate community and give and receive without question. They share clothes, bikes, food, and more. They spend time together and get to know each other. The community morale for this week is fascinating to take part in.

Nothing is Impossible

At Burning Man, you will learn that everything is attainable. You should never say never. During this amazing, week-long event, you will realize the importance of believing in all that you do. You will learn that anything can become your reality. The art sculptures are a great example of this.

Ask Why Not

The world has conditioned us to ask why before we do anything. At first, it's uncomfortable, but by the end of the week, you will embrace the why not attitude. Asking yourself why not, instead of why, will open a miraculous amount of opportunities and experiences. This new outlook will change how you view the world when you re-enter it.

Pack The Essentials

You can travel light to this event, but there are a few items that are must-haves. Consider the climate, temperatures, and culture when packing your bag. Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat are all super important.

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What to Bring
You will need a tent or other similar item to sleep in. It can be very windy here, so think through a way to weigh the sides down. Water jugs work very well.

Speaking of wind, you will be in the desert, so think dust storms. It can be incredibly dusty and sandy at times. It helps to have goggles, breathing masks, scarves and the like to be comfortable during a dust storm.

Sunscreen is a must have during this event! You will spend hours upon hours out in the hot sun and will need to reapply every couple of hours so a chemical-free sunscreen is ideal. Ladies, we know you wanna look your best so opt for a sunscreen facial mist like ZINC IT OVER® which goes over makeup and leaves no white cast. It will also help keep your skin hydrated, refreshed, and smelling divine! Keeping your skin protected from the sun will enable your week to be more enjoyable with no regrets afterward.

Clothing and props are also important. Plan accordingly after looking at the weather and pack to enjoy the climate. Do remember you will be camping in the desert.

You will need a mode of transportation. Transportation can be a good pair of shoes, a car or other vehicles. But, the best way to get around during Burning Man is a bike. Bicycling around the event is a fun way to experience the week, allowing you to weave in an out of camps, art, and other gathering areas easily while getting your exercise on.

Burning Man is a one of a kind and life-changing event. No description or explanation can do justice for this festival, without experiencing it first hand. It is a culmination of great people, with amazing values, expressing themselves through art for an entire week in the desert. The Burning Man event in Nevada is an experience that will change the way you view the world around you. Only one question remains...are your ready to attend Burning Man 2019?!

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