lycopene, glutathione, lutein

Why You Need Lycopene, L-Glutathione, and Lutein In Your Skin Diet NOW

When it comes to beauty and skincare; what goes in your body is just as important as what you put on it. And, the beauty of many edible vitamins ...
Top 5 Vitamins for the Ultimate Skin Health and How to Get Them

Top 5 Vitamins for the Ultimate Skin Health and How to Get Them

Vitamins are not only essential for our internal systems and protection, but they are also very necessary for healthy skin. Vitamins are rich in p...
What Is Pine Bark Extract Used For?

What Is Pine Bark Extract Used For?

Pine Bark Extract a powerhouse of a supplement! It boasts a heap of benefits including improving your immune system, increasing blood flow, and helping with a whole range of health concerns. It’s also doing great things for your skin! 
Everything You Need to Know About Astazine Astaxanthin

Everything You Need to Know About Astazine Astaxanthin

Astaxanthin by Astazine is one of the newest, hottest, and trendiest supplements available today. 
benefits of tumeric

The 5 Best Uses of Turmeric for Your Skin

A more recent addition to the list of super foods for your skin is an Asian spice called Turmeric. It’s a bright yellow spice used in many curries, and is chock full of anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting properties. But how does it help your skin? Check out our top tips for using turmeric to give you healthy, glowing skin.

The Most Important Skin Care Product In Your Skin Care Routine

The Most Important Skin Care Product In Your Skin Care Routine

While cleanser, moisturizer, and serums are all skincare essentials, the #1 most important skincare product is a zinc-based sunscreen. You've likely heard about the absolute importance of applying and reapplying your SPF every single day. And, if you're going to be exposing your skin and body to that much product, choosing a natural, zinc-touting mineral-based formula is the safest option. 
smoothie recipes for skin

Glow with These 4 Delicious Skin-Healthy Summer Smoothie Recipes

These smoothies offer much of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that you need to revitalize your skin. Bonus: They're incredibly delicious!
Retailer Spotlight: Switch2Pure

Retailer Spotlight: Switch2Pure

Is your beauty shelf stocked full of chemical-laden products? We hope not but for those of you willing to admit it, it's time for a change. Isn't ...
skin benefits of acerola cherries

Benefits of the Vitamin-C Packed Superfruit, Acerola Cherry

Acerola cherries are a small fruit rich in Vitamin C. In fact, for every one cup of Acerola cherries, you'd have to intake 16 cups of oranges! This South American native has a host of amazing benefits for your skin and hair, and your overall health.
benefits of sunscreen for acne

How Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Actually Helps Your Acne

Thanks to scientific advancements we now know the absolute importance of daily sunscreen application. But, what if you’re one of the 60 million Americans that suffer from acne? 
CBD oil for skincare

CBD For Skincare: The Newest Trend In Beauty

More and more, science is uncovering surprising health and beauty benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) the compound found in marijuana. It’s even gained a celebrity following, with Emma Roberts, Melissa McCarthy and more boasting about using CBD oils for everything from muscle pains to skin cream. But what exactly is CBD oil?
5 Best Bath Bombs for Sensitive Skin

5 Best Bath Bombs for Sensitive Skin

Though bath bombs are full of healthy oils and salts, some may contain harsh chemicals that give off those delicious scents. That doesn’t mean that if you have sensitive skin, you need to miss out on all the great benefits of a bath bomb. These are the best bath bomb brands and scents gentle enough for sensitive skin.

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