what does reef safe or reef friendly mean

What does "Reef-Safe" or "Reef-Friendly" Sunscreen Mean?

Reef-safe. This term has been getting thrown around like confetti over the last couple of years. But, what do the terms ‘reef-friendly' or ‘reef-s...
benefits of sunscreen for acne

How Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Actually Helps Your Acne

Thanks to scientific advancements we now know the absolute importance of daily sunscreen application. But, what if you’re one of the 60 million Americans that suffer from acne? 
serious skin conditions skin cancer self exam

Suspicious Skin Conditions Plus How to Perform a Skin Cancer Self Exam

As your largest organ, your skin plays a big role in detecting what’s going on in your body. Your skin can signal numerous diseases and conditions by displaying specific symptoms from extreme dryness, breakouts, and rashes. Most of us are guilty of chalking it up to something we ate, drank, weather conditions or something we came in contact with. While these are usually the culprits, that’s not always the case.
Critical Sunscreen Tips

6 Critical Sunscreen Tips For Saving Your Skin This Summer

It’s important to keep your skin safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which can cause damage and skin aging. Sunburn, hyperpigmentation, sun spots and even skin cancer can happen when you don’t safely protect your skin, so follow these critical sunscreen tips for saving your skin this summer!
SPF Levels

The Truth About SPF Levels

With most recent scientific studies warning us of global warming and a compromised ozone layer, is it any wonder that sunscreen companies are scrambling to get their products in front of consumers? Is it any wonder these companies are less than truthful with the public about the effectiveness and safety of their products? And is it such a surprise they are cutting corners with little regard to ACTUAL consumer safety?
sunscreen habits

5 Sunscreen Habits You Need to Break This Year

We've come up with the top 5 sunscreen habits you absolutely must break this year. Trust us, the rewards- healthy, protected skin- are worth it!
zinc sunscreen protection

5 Amazing Ways Zinc Sunscreen Protects Your Skin

There are many products on the market that claim to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays; however nothing compares to the power of […]
Skin Cancer

Mega Actor’s Skin Cancer Scare and How You Can Prevent It!

Over the last couple of weeks, “Logan” star, Hugh Jackman has been speaking out about his struggles with skin cancer. The Australian actor most recently appeared on a segment of “Live with Kelly,” in which he urged his fans to not only wear sunscreen but to also get regular check-ups.
Two happy girls at Santa Monica pier using ZINC IT OVER

You can ZINC with us!

Alright ladies, the product launch of our very first product, ZINC IT OVER™ SPF 20 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Mist, is only a few weeks away (happy dance)! You’ve seen us post about it across our social media but what really is it?


Hands making the shape of a heart in the sand

Welcome FAB friends! We’re talking to you!

Welcome to the first blog post for Seriously FAB™! We are ecstatic that you stopped by to visit as we have been so eager to share our vision, website and our very first product with you!

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