Sheer zinc sunscreen spray for eye area

4 Reasons to Use Zinc Sunscreen Around Your Eyes

Did you know that your eyelids have the thinnest skin on your body? We know, shocking right?! Furthermore, your actual eyes are just as susceptible to damaging UV rays as the...

The best ways to protect your skin from UV damage.

Dial Up the Sun Protection This Summer

Summer is almost here, and that means the weather is heating up. AccuWeather is already forecasting that summer 2022 could be one of the hottest summers ever for many. With that...

 what does reef safe or reef friendly mean

What is Reef-Safe or Reef-Friendly Sunscreen?

Reef-safe. This term has been getting thrown around like confetti over the last couple of years. But, what do the terms ‘reef-friendly' or ‘reef-safe' mean?” Great question! Now that the summertime season...