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Check Out This Zinc Sunscreen Mist for Reapplication

Best mineral sunscreen spray.

The weather is finally warming up (hello, spring)! You know what that means- it's time to start integrating sunscreen into your regular skincare regime (although technically, it should be worn all year long). We all know sunscreen is important, and should definitely not be skipped over. Unfortunately, for most people, sunscreen is a big ole' pain in the butt! It can be oily, gooey, and time-consuming! What's a girl to do?!

Sunscreen mist allows you to get close to or even the same coverage a lot easier and faster than traditional sunscreens.

Benefits of a Sunscreen Mist 

Let us just reiterate again that most sunscreens can be a hassle. This is especially true for those of us that are frequently on the go. Whether you’re a busy mom with little ones, a backpacker or traveler who constantly needs reapplication or a busy professional who wants healthy skin even while you’re short on time- sunscreen mist is ideal for you!

The Case for Sunscreen Mists

Some doctors warn that some mists or sprays may be less effective than using regular sunscreen- which is true in many cases. Fortunately, mists and sprays have come a long way and now offer effective protection. Additionally, it’s a fact that using mist makes it a lot easier for people who might otherwise skip sunscreen altogether. As the saying goes, "The best sunscreen is the one that you will use," within reason, of course!

Natural is Best

Some brands of sunscreen mist can be dangerous. Just like many of their lotion and cream counterparts, they can be chocked full of yucky chemicals. Check the ingredients before you buy!  When these sunscreens are absorbed by your skin (and even your bloodstream), these toxic ingredients can be a threat to your internal health. Some mineral-based sunscreens also have synthetic chemicals, so be sure to read labels. Many companies claim to be "organic" or "safe" but their ingredient lists tell a different story. Zinc It Over® uses Zinc Oxide, which is widely known to be the best and most healthy sun protection ingredient available. Additionally, with skin-healthy ingredients like blueberries, pomegranate, acerola cherry, and aloe vera, your skin will glow from within.

Zinc It Over® Sunscreen Facial Mist is a convenient, effective, and fun way to reapply sunscreen the recommended every two hours. That fact that it can be applied Over Makeup is another huge bonus! It's the perfect travel companion for your skin when you’re on the go and in a hurry. With proper use, sunscreen mist can be effective protection that makes your life easier.

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