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Our products are always tested on humans, never on animals.

We believe that a skin care regimen should be simple, fun and convenient.

We think trying to slow the aging process is not a vanity thing, it's a smart thing.

We don't think anyone should have to compromise their health for the sake of beauty.

Our R&D process starts with the tenet that the best ingredients come from land and sea, not a science lab.

If we can't do it the way we want, we won't do it.

We will never compromise our ethics, morals and standards.

We subscribe to the notion of "quality above quantity" with anything that we put in or on our bodies.

Everything we do is centered around creating a legacy of living generously.

We are dedicated to delivering the 5-star results that our customers expect and deserve.


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Seriously FAB® exists to SHAKE UP the natural beauty products genre! We create innovative, effective and easy-to-use sun protection and anti-aging products for active and forever young-at-heart individuals. We believe in the value of quality and share a passion for living each day fully, accepting nothing short of greatness and giving back for a better tomorrow.