Chemical free sunscreen spray

The mineral Zinc Oxide, which is widely known to be the best sun protection ingredient available in the US market - because it is a physical sunscreen and not a chemical sunscreen - historically has been limited in versatility, due to its thick and opaque nature.

We discovered a way to overcome this challenge by creating a fine-tuned formula of micronized particles that are delivered via non-aerosol perfume style mist bottle, allowing for completely lightweight, yet precise and ample, sun protection coverage.

This refreshing, sheer facial mist can be sprayed directly over makeup, without disturbing makeup, as frequently as desired. This will ensure protection against both UVA and UVB damage (Broad Spectrum) throughout the day with SPF 25. ZINC IT OVER® also sets makeup giving a fresh, airbrushed look, and delivers hydration and nourishment to the skin, extending its youthful appearance.

Don't let makeup stop you from maintaining the necessary sun protection throughout the day...

Defend your skin with ZINC IT OVER®!

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ZINC IT OVER® gives you the power to reapply right over your makeup... this is the elegant NEW way to sunscreen! Our innovative, sheer Zinc Oxide formulation is uniquely blended with some of nature’s finest Phytonutrients and Antioxidants, and contains NO Yucky Chemicals. Say HELLO to convenient, all day sun protection along with Anti-Aging and Hydrating benefits in a refreshing, delicate mist!

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We said NO to pumping up our sunscreen with a host of CHEMICALS -- such as Avobenzone, Octinoxate, Oxybenzone and Benzophenone -- to achieve a freakishly high SPF, which is what many well known companies do. Instead we set out to engineer the cleanest and most effective sunscreen of its kind, by fusing the best quality Non-Nano Zinc Oxide with some of the most Seriously FAB functional ingredients available on the market... including one from Asia with natural UV protective qualities that no one else has!

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Studies showed that our sunscreen — because of the special ingredient in our formulation — was as effective as higher chemical SPF products but without the health dangers! The formula is available in Unscented and two scents: Tropical Floral, a lovely blend of tropical flowers reminiscent of a Hawaiian vacation, and Citrus Passion, a refreshing and delightful mix of Lemon sugar and Passion fruit. All of our fragrances are high quality, natural fragrance oils, not synthetic. 

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Why buy ZINC IT OVER®? Because you've tried everything else and you haven't found a perfect solution to sun protection while wearing makeup! Until now, that is. Try it and you will quickly discover why ZINC IT OVER® truly is the most special, convenient, and effective sunscreen that has EVER been on the market. Join the ZINC IT OVER® revolution and see for yourself!