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4 Must-Have Beauty Devices To Transform Your Skin

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Technology is amazing these days! Not only has it revolutionized our lives in every way, but it’s also allowed us to enjoy the newest and most innovative spa-like treatments in the comforts of our home. Aren’t beauty products amazing?!

Many of these handy beauty devices are similar to the ones used by professionals at spas and dermatologist’s offices (except without the hefty price tag) and will provide amazing results that will transform your skin. When used with natural skincare products, you’ll definitely get transformative results!

So if you’re ready to skip the doctor’s office or spa and still get professional results, read on to find out a few of the must-have beauty devices for your home beauty regime!

• PMD Personal Microderm $159
Smooth skin is every girl’s dream and now that dream can come true with the PMD Personal Microderm exfoliator! The personal skin smoother sort of looks like an electric toothbrush, but there are no bristles and only a crystal disk that can be used on both your body and face. There are several different degrees of disks, each good for various things, so it’s best if you use the gentlest ones for your face. When used at least twice a week for a few months, you’ll notice how smooth your skin looks, with a huge decrease of dark spots! You’ll love how the device not only fades dark spots but also gets rid of dead skin, resulting in brighter skin, in general.

• Tria Age-Defying Laser $495
Say goodbye to wrinkles with these convenient home device! The Tria Age-Defying Laser works the entire face and not just the skin around your lips or eyes like other at-home ones do. According to clinical studies, about 75% of people showed significant improvement in their wrinkles and brown spots after using it five days a week for three months straight. They did, however, say that their face felt like it was sunburned for a while after each session, but it didn’t make their face look red.

• Baby Quasar Clear Rayz $249
If you have acne, you’ll want to give the Baby Quasar Clear Rayz device a try! It uses light-therapy at very specific wavelengths of light to treat acne. Usually, devices will use blue LEDs to treat acne and red ones to combat wrinkles, but this device uses a combination of both to help kill acne-causing bacteria. This sort of technology has been around for a while, but it’s recently become available for home use. You’ll notice breakouts are gone after a few days, making this a must-have device for anyone who suffers from acne!

• NuFace Trinity $325
If you want to look younger in a hurry, then this temporary tightener will provide you professional results at home! It uses microcurrent technology to lift your cheeks, brows, and jawline for a full 24 hours via electricity it sends into the skin with its two metallic balls, sort of like giving your face a mini massage. The device stimulates circulation, tightens facial muscles, and drains lymph nodes to give the appearance of tighter skin.

Combine these beauty devices with the best skincare products around and you’ve got the formula for fresher, brighter and youthful skin! ZINC IT OVER® Fine + Sheer Broad Spectrum SPF 25 Sunscreen Facial Mist is just what your skin needs after these beauty treatments to protect your face from the sun’s harmful rays. This is the best new Zinc Sunscreen and we are Cruelty Free, Natural, Vegan and Safe! Get your bottle now at!

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