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Top 3 Skin Care Secrets From Around the World

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As you can imagine, skin care has very different approaches and rituals in virtually every corner of the world. It is the largest organ of the body and the first thing most people notice at first impression right? We did find certain countries that stand out however when it comes to having flawless skin, so why not take a little beauty inspiration from our skin savvy neighbors? Let’s take a quick trip around the world and highlight the top three skin care secrets we found to be surprising and useful.


Korean anti-aging skincare secrets

Korean women are known for their radiant and flawless skin but as the old saying goes, “Beauty takes time.” Korean women know this all too well, dedicating a vast amount of time and effort into complex beauty routines. While the average skin care routine for women in the U.S. typically consists of three steps — cleanser, toner, and moisturizer — a Korean skin care regimen consists of a whooping 10 steps! Now, we completely get that most of us can’t even fathom trying to maintain this scenario, but there are several key secrets you can take away from the masters of skin care routines.

As you can tell just by looking at their clear, youthful skin… the Korean beauty routine contains some of the best anti-aging products in the world. When it comes to sun protection, the use of SPF is taught at a young age and thus is one of the most effective ways to stay looking youthful. Women in Korea often double or triple layer their sun protection using top rated sunscreens and SPF moisturizers.

One of the easiest secrets to Korean beauty is facial massage. By simply massaging the face (with or without massage creams), you can stimulate circulation. This will help your skin develop a healthier glow along with reduced puffiness, as it also helps to drain toxins from the skin. Many Korean women will actually even slap their faces up to 50 times after their daily skin care regimen to get the blood flowing!

Tip: Try simple mouth stretches throughout the day by pronouncing the vowels in an exaggerated fashion.

Other secrets to Korean beauty comes from organic skincare resources such as the ancient plant Ginseng. Both Ginseng root and leaves have anti-aging properties thanks to its many phytonutrients. Ginseng is also prized for its toning and brightening properties. Korean women also make use of rice which comes in handy since this is easily available and already a staple in most Korean households. By washing the rice several times, a milky water is created which can then be used as a facial wash or bathing mixture. The rice water leaves skin ultra smooth and soft.


Living in a warm and sunny climate like Brazil has its perks. One of them is the gorgeous women! Brazilian women are revered as some of the most beautiful women on the planet and much of that is due to their perfectly tan and glowing skin. But what gives?! Here are some of the top skin care secrets from Brazilian beauties that you can use starting today!






Brazillian skincare secrets.

Caffeine has long been known to possess plumping and tightening effects for the skin with models often soaking in coffee grounds. Brazil, however, has a local plant called Guarana, that contains two times the amount of caffeine as coffee beans! This Amazonian plant is so effective, it’s made its way into skin care creams, even the popular Brazilian Butt Creams! 

Tip: Embrace a more stress-free lifestyle, taking out time to care and pamper yourself goes a long way!

Another big beauty secret we find interesting is sand. Yep, you heard correct, sand! It’s how you use it however that reaps the benefits of glowing skin. By using the sand to rub against the skin, you are increasing circulation and reducing cellulite (who doesn’t want that?!). For those of us that live near a beach, this may be one of the easiest steps to add into our beauty routines but for those who don’t, you can accomplish this same effect by using a pumice stone or similar.

Because of the hot climate, Brazilian women are also keen on visiting the dermatologist on a regular basis and using top rated organic sun protection and SPF makeup setting spray. This in addition to a healthy, natural diet and daily exercise, makes a huge impact on maintaining naturally radiant skin.


Ahhh! You may not have expected the Nordic countries to be apart of this list but with the harsh climates these ladies have to deal with, who better to consult on skin care?! Wouldn’t you agree, there’s something to be said for maintaining dewy, fresh-faced skin in the midst of bitterly cold winters and 18 hour-long summer days!

Ask any Nordic woman to name one thing that is a must when it comes to their skin care regime, and Saunas are sure to come up more times than any other ritual. Saunas are especially important to Nordic women because they open the pores, hydrate the skin, and allows any beauty treatments to soak in. Not to mention, sweating helps rid the body of metabolic waste. As if that weren’t enough, saunas are good for relaxing the mind, body, and spirit. There you have it, a great excuse to go to the spa!

Nordic skincare secrets

Diet is also a key factor in Nordic beauty routines. Nordic diets are packed with superfoods including a significant amount of berries which contain antioxidants, which protect the skin from free radicals. Berries also boast an alkalizing effect that balances out the skin and reduces inflammation. In addition to berries, this diet includes mostly plant foods and seafoods. As the saying goes, “You are what you eat!”

Last but certainly not least, is the Nordic approach to simplicity. Most of us are aware that statistically, Scandinavian countries come out on top when it comes to the happiness factor. This “don’t worry, be happy” attitude surely plays a huge part in maintaining youthful looking skin. Scandinavians choose to live simply in all aspects of life including their beauty treatments staying away from fragrance packed creams and traditionally not using body care products. In other words, less is more!

Nordic women have also increasingly become concerned with UV rays and their role in premature aging leaning toward products that are protective but are rich and moisturizing such as hydrating facial mists.

The Common Denominator

We at Seriously FAB, hope these skin care secrets have inspired you and helped you to boost your own skin care routines. With so many differences there is one common denominator we have to point out that was mentioned in every skin care regime that we came across. That dear, is the need for UV protection of course! This is because no matter what climate you live in — bitterly cold or sunny and hot or a little of both — protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays are a must, especially in the fight against premature aging!

Do you have any skin care secrets of your own? Drop them in the comments below!

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