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5 Best Bath Bombs for Sensitive Skin

best bath bombs sensitive skin

There’s nothing like a gorgeous smelling bath bomb to make your nightly bath or shower into something cozy and a little luxurious. Though bath bombs are full of healthy oils and salts, some may contain harsh chemicals that give off those delicious scents. These chemicals can interact with sensitive skin, the same way that heavily fragrant soaps and shampoos do. But that doesn’t mean that if you have sensitive skin, you need to miss out on all the great benefits of a bath bomb. These are the best bath bomb brands and scents gentle enough for sensitive skin. So, now you can enjoy pampering yourself, without risking your skin.

Earth Vibes Pure and Natural Bath Bombs

Earth Vibes Bath Bombs Sensitive Skin

Earth Vibes is a great brand that specializes in all-natural ingredients. Their bath bombs are infused with wholly natural ingredients in a variety of scents and styles, like Shea Butter Oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Omega-3s, natural citric acids, and other ingredients designed to be gentle and healing for your skin.

Sky Organics Kids Bath Bombs
Sky Organics also specializes in healthy, safe ingredients that are perfect for your skin. If you’ve got little ones in your life, Sky Organics is a great choice. It’s gentle enough for sensitive skin and full of organic coconut oil and various essential oils designed to improve the moisture in your skin. Great for kids, or anyone with dry skin. And they come in lots of fun colors, too!

Good Common Sense Milk’n Honey Oatmeal Bath Bomb

Good Common Sense Milk’n Honey oatmeal bath bomb

Good Common Sense bath bombs are full of all-natural ingredients that are gentle on even the most sensitive skin. The Milk’n Honey oatmeal bath bomb is completely fragrance-free and includes no dyes. It’s also full of coconut oil, natural honey and real oatmeal, great for a natural, gentle clean that leaves even the driest skin feeling soft and supple.

Soapie Shoppe Peppermint and Pine Bath Bomb
Soapie shop is known for great vegan bath bombs that are all-natural and gentle on your skin. The Peppermint and Pine bath bomb isn’t just free of fragrant oil and full of moisturizing ingredients like shea and cocoa butter. The strong peppermint and pine oil, and detoxifying sea salts can help you relax and even helps ease tension headaches. It’s got a great foresty scent that helps you get back to nature and brings to mind nights of camping under the stars.

Joanne Arden Organics Vegan Bath Bombs

Joanne Arden Bath Bomb for Sensitive Skin

Joanne Arden’s Vegan Bath Bombs are organic, gluten-free, and safe for sensitive skin. They come in sets for men, women, and even kids, and there’s plenty of variety in scents, all made with natural oils, in amazing scents, that won’t irritate your skin. Even the recycled materials packaging is sustainable, making it a great choice.

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous bath bomb, full of nourishing oils, and relaxing scents? If you’re someone who struggles with sensitive skin, you want bath bomb ingredients that are natural and gentle. Avoid anything with strong scents, and stick to natural ingredients like coconut oil, and Vitamin E that will be gentle on sensitive skin, and help you put moisture back if your skin is dry or flakey.

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