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6 FAB Gift Ideas for Skin Care Junkies Under $30

The holidays are here which means the time has come to find the perfect gift for family and friends. One of the most difficult people to shop for is the beloved skincare junkies of the family. We all have one, you know who we are talking about! And, for them specifically, the wrong gift could be disastrous. Seriously. You do not want to be the cause of any skin issues or reactions do you?!

Not to fear, we going to share with you six of the best, must-have skincare gifts for the junkie in your life - and peep this - they all cost $30 or under! We know, we know, a Christmas miracle in and of itself.

Here are 6 fab and cruelty-free gift ideas for skincare junkies - all for $30 or less.

6. Zinc It Over Mini Bottle - by Seriously FAB

Although our sunscreen was designed to be applied over your makeup, it works just as well on dry, product-free skin. Don't be fooled by the SPF 25 label - due to the combination of ingredients in our formulation, studies showed it was as effective as higher chemical SPF products, but without the health dangers! Get the added benefit of setting your makeup without the white cast. Did we mention it’s cruelty-free and full of yummy goodness for your skin? It's sure to be a holly, jolly Christmas with these cuties in your stockings!

5. Acai Berry Moisturizer - By Skin Cara

Great for daily use, the Acai Berry Moisturizer from By Skin Cara promotes collagen production as well as protecting against environmental damage. Cools and soothes with unbeatable hydration and shows promise in relieving the surface signs of aging. Packed full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and vitamins A, C, and E, it also does a great job of balancing the water and oil levels of your skin. Instead of cookies, Santa might appreciate this on those dry, rosy cheeks!

4. Lunar Veil Overnight Mask (Travel) - XO Treatment Room

Treat your skin junkies to ingredients such as sea kelp, chamomile and calendula to balance and hydrate the skin. This overnight mask by XO Treatment Room is both soothing and effective. It leaves the face feeling moisturized and supple and does all the work while you catch up on your beauty sleep!

3. Glow Skin Care Cold Roller - Glow Skin Care LA

What a nifty little tool! It does wonders for puffiness, redness and inflammation - Bye, bye puffy eyes! This stainless steel cold roller works best when placed in the freezer 20 minutes prior to use or by being stored there. It can also be used with your skincare routine products for optimal absorption. Long after the Christmas tree gets taken down, this baby will have you lighting up the room all year long.

2. Coal in Your Stocking Travel Set - Switch 2Pure

This sweet 4-piece gift set features everything you need to keep your skin looking fresh and youthful through the holiday season. The Switch2 Pure detox bar and the charcoal konjac sponge provide the perfect duo for cleansing and exfoliating the skin, while the charcoal mask is great for eliminating any impurities. Not to mention the bonus of white sparkling teeth to go with that gorgeous skin!

1. Rose Hand Scrub - La Bloom Beauty

Skincare isn't just reserved for your face! Your hands deserve love and attention too, especially with all the extra hand washing these days. The rose hand scrub by La Bloom Beauty is made with organic rose essential oil and shea butter so the skincare lover in your life can exfoliate and nourish their hands, leaving them silky smooth! They can take some deep breaths and enjoy the calming aromatherapy benefits too, while massaging their hands. Added bonus, it comes in a totally cute jar that is sustainably made!

Finding the perfect gift for your skin obsessed relative or friend does not have to be a hassle, or be a drain on your wallet. Each of the above fabulous gifts is not only affordable, but they actually do the job they’re made for. Even the pickiest epidermis-absorbed divas would be thrilled to see them under the tree, or menorah, get the picture!


Happy Holidays to all and to all a glistening and glowy skinned night :)

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