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7 Skin Care Products To Make for Mother's Day

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Mother's Day is literally just around the corner, and sometimes, it seems a difficult task to come up with the perfect gift to celebrate all that she has done for you. If you run into the same problem time and again of coming up with the best gift to show your appreciation for your mom, we have some solutions right here for you. We have comprised a list of some of the best DIY skincare gifts and goodies that you can make for your mother to enjoy because the best gifts are handmade with love, right? With that said, let's get to our list of the top seven DIY skin care products that you can make for this coming Mother's Day!

Body Scrubs

As with the majority of the items on our list today, products such as body scrubs can cost an arm and a leg when you purchase them from a store. However, this is silly because these products often include ingredients that you have in the kitchen already! You can find tons of recipes for body scrubs online, whether your mom is into more floral scents, or fruity scents, or even a softer scent like vanilla. Not only that, the scrubs will leave your mom's skin glowing. Try the Olive oil, Peppermint, and Sugar scrub below:

Combine 1/4 cup of olive oil, 1 cup of brown sugar, and 15 drops of peppermint essential oil into a coarse paste, place into a nice jar, and add a festive ribbon.

Bath Salts

There is nothing more enjoyable after a long day than spending a chunk of time soaking in the bath with some bath salts and a touch of lavender essential oils, right? It allows you to unwind, relax, and calm down after a taxing day. Why not give your mom the ability to soak in some homemade bath salt mixture as well? Once again, there are tons of recipes for different bath salt mixtures that can be found online, and for a fraction of the price of what you will find in stores as well! Simply take a couple handfuls of Epsom salt and add a few drops of your mom's favorite essential oils. If you're not sure what she likes try lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, vanilla jojoba oil, peppermint oil, orange oil, rosemary oil, almond oil, or a combination- the options are endless!

Body Lotions

This is probably a DIY Mother's Day idea that you've never thought to try before, but you can actually make your own lotions and lotion bars at home, just like any other products that are on the market. This idea is perfect for the mother that loves to lather some lotion on her hands throughout the day, or after a relaxing bath as well, plus there is an endless amount of scents and variety when it comes to making them. Whether you make a pump lotion or even a lotion bar, this will be one gift that she will cherish. Check out a few simple recipes here.

Face Masks

This is a DIY idea that we have seen floating all throughout the web for a while now, as many of these homemade masks provide different anti-aging and skin clearing benefits when you apply them. Since many of the ingredients for these masks are already in your kitchen and in your home, this is a simple gift to make for both you and your mother to enjoy! Try the Banana Citrus Face Mask below!

Mash one-half of a banana in a bowl. Mix in a tablespoon of orange juice and a tablespoon of honey. Combine into a coarse paste, place into a nice jar, and add a festive ribbon.

Lip Balm

For the mama that loves to lather her lips with chapstick and other balms throughout her day, why not try a DIY lip balm (or a few) to give her this Mother's Day? You can make a bountiful amount of flavors and colors that most appeal to your mom and they will give the same benefits as the lip balms and chapsticks that you find in stores as well.

Combine 1 tablespoon of petroleum jelly, 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract, and a few drops of your mom's preferred flavor essense such as mango or strawberry. Optional: glitter and/or food coloring for a hint of color (or mix in a bit of your mom's favorite lipstick).

Facial And Body Soaps

This may be another of the DIY skin products on your list that you never really thought to give a try, but it will definitely be a keeper once you give it a go! The best part about creating your own soaps to apply to your skin is that the ingredients are often sensitive and gentle enough that you can use it on any skin type, making it a great gift for anyone, including your mom. Check out this homemade natural soap recipe here.

Bath Bombs

This is probably one of the most fun products to make, and give, that is on the list today. Who doesn't love to take a bath here and there with a bath bomb? They almost seem like a luxurious addition to the bath to help relax the body, and they are so simple to make too! The best part -- You can make them any color, scent, size, or shape that you wish, so you can make it a truly one of a kind gift for you mama this year. Try these fun bath bomb recipes and let us know how they turn out!

That's it! You officially have no excuse for not getting your mom the perfect Mother's Day gift this year. Tackle just one of these DIY projects, or make a big spa basket for her to enjoy for the months to come. Having created them on your own time will truly show her how much you appreciate her love this Mother's Day, and for all of the other days in between. We hope you have enjoyed our list of these Mother's Day ideas, and that they inspire your celebration of your own mamas as well!

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