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Best UV Sun Protective Clothing Brands for Women

best sun protective clothing brands

Thankfully, more and more people recognize the importance of daily sunscreen protection. Many are unaware, however, that it shouldn't end there. Wearing clothing that covers the skin is immensely helpful but we admit, it's not always practical. Luckily, more and more designers are coming out with fashionable, stylish sun protective clothing lines.

A plethora of sun-protective clothing brands has emerged on the market. With the staggering number now available, you may have some difficulty deciding which brand to go with. So, we have rounded up 8 of the best in the business! 

8. Coolibar:

Coolibar sun protective clothing

As Coolibars website states, not all sun protection clothing brands are created equal. You have to look for a respectable, honest company that provides its customers with high-quality well-made UV protective clothing items. Coolibar definitely falls into that exclusive category. They do rigorous testing to ensure overall sun protection of at least UPF 50+ and all of the designs and pieces are current, classy, and modern.

7. UV Fashions:

UV Fashions UPF clothing

UV Fashions is one of the more popular sun-protective athletic brands. They have a wide range of different and affordable styles for every size, shape, purpose, and personality. With everything from pullovers to full-coverage hats, UV Fashions has what every sun and safety-conscious woman needs.

6. REI:

REI Women's sun protective clothing

With a variety of different cuts, styles, and patterns, and all of the pieces at a very reasonable price, REI more than earns its coveted spot among the best UV sun protective clothing brands for women. The designs are adaptable, unique, and made with fabrics that are both lightweight and flexible, while also providing the ultimate in breathability.

5. Solumbra Clothing:

best sun protective clothing

Boasting innovative pieces that offer long-lasting, near-complete sun protection with a 100+ SPF rating. The designs are fresh and always made of durable, high-quality materials that provide coverage and protection no matter how sunny your paradise might be. This is one UV clothing brand for women that even doctors recommend (seriously).

4. UV Skinz:

UV Skinz sun protective clothing

UV Skinz has a terrific, and extensive, collection of UV protective clothing for women. Their unique, fast-drying fabric stays cool to the touch while also providing next-level sun protection. The clothes are stylish, sensible, and well-fitted. The brand has won multiple awards and was given the skin cancer seal of recommendations.

3. Solbari:

Solbari UPF clothing brand

Being the leading sun protective clothing brand down under, Solbari offers innovative styles with practical wearability. They are comfortably made with movability and flexibility in mind, crafted using some of the best, five-star materials available. It offers the ultimate in sun protection with a maximum rating achievable in the country of Australia at UPF 50+. All-around one of the best in the business, mate.

2. Lilly Pulitzer:

Lily Pulitzer sun protective clothing

This clothing line originated in Palm Beach, Florida in the 1950s, quickly gaining in popularity due to the designer, Lilly Pulitzers’ free-spirited, eclectic, bohemian style. While it has obviously changed with the times, Lilly’s spirit is still featured in each and every stylish piece. She paved the way for new trends, as opposed to following them, and it still shows in her brand today.

1. Athleta:

Athleta UPF clothing

Athleta takes the number one spot for its fashionable and beautiful versatility. Although their pieces are a bit more expensive than some other brands on our list, the quality of the fabric and long-lasting durability more than justify the higher price.

We are not trying to be overdramatic here. Proper, comprehensive sun protection is truly a matter of life and death. Melanoma is one of the leading killers of men and women alike (like 2 people every hour in the U.S!). In addition to wearing a zinc oxide sunscreen every day, wearing sun-protective clothing can offer even more complete protection.

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