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Beat the Winter Blues with These 5 Healing Stones

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It's that time of year again! Sparkling white snow everywhere, holiday decorations adorn every surface, and the spirit of cheer and togetherness is upon us. Unfortunately, for some, the Holiday Spirit can be hard to get into. Depending on the year you've had, we'd guess it's hard for anyone to get into really.

The holiday spirit, although meant to embody cheer, often leaves us feeling down and drained. Perhaps it's the mad rush and dash of the seasonal shopping or stressful relationships with our family and loved ones. Whatever the case may be, healing stones are a great way to help lift your spirits and bring forth that holiday cheer you've been missing.

What's that you say? How can healing stones help you? Here, let us school you!


For centuries ancient cultures have used healing stones from Earth to cure various ailments and mood disorders. In fact, gemstones are considered to draw life energy into their center in order to purify and promote inner prosperity and peace.

Healing Stones for DepressionCARNELIAN
Civilizations across the globe participated in this crystal healing. From primitive Stone Age women and men who made and wore crystal jewelry, to the cosmopolitan Egyptians and Greeks, who surrounded themselves with the richness and exquisiteness of gemstones to show both wealth and strength. Healing stones have been around for centuries and will continue to be around as long as the Earth is. If you're looking to find a stone to help you through this crazy holiday season look no further than these 5 helpful healing stones.

Perhaps the jack-of-all-trades of healing stones, the Carnelian is said to be in a league all its own. Carnelian helps alleviate sorry, brings good look, and brings desires to fruition. The stone contains two color schemes, its deep red colors are often associated with individuality, creativity, protection, and courage. The orange-brown stones are said to heal sores, colds, allergies, and kidney stone issues.


With the craziness of the holidays, a little mental clarity is a necessity. Throw a little bit of Fluorite in your pocket to promote mental health, focus, and clarity. Fluorite can be especially helpful when you're making those holiday lists and getting organized. Fluorite also strengthens the immune system, so it's a great idea to wear it when you're out shopping and interacting with large crowds.


Though it's the season of cheer, stress and negativity can also fill this season with misery. To avoid the negative vibes, carry black tourmaline with you. Black tourmaline can strengthen your immune system, detoxify your body, and help your lungs fight off an invasion of infections, including pleurisy and pneumonia. Black tourmaline's power to defend you against negativity also protects you against modern pollution such as smog, loud noises, or any other assault on your psyche during the holiday season.


To further ward off negative vibes, Amber is a great gemstone to keep in your pocket. Not just during the holiday season, but any season. Amber's warm and solar-like energy stifles negativity, provides mental clarity and balances emotions.


Amethyst Healing StonePerhaps one of the most beautiful healing stones on the list, Amethyst is a natural stress reliever. Its majestic purple hues help the nervous system, and most importantly balance the chakras. Amethyst also helps fight insomnia and provides an aid with nightmares. It's good to keep amethyst around to promote great mental health as it provides a sense of calmness while also encouraging creativity. 

Don't let the stress of this holiday season get you down. When you encounter those who wish to spread negativity, be a beacon of light and help promote cheer, calm, and hope during the holiday season. Healing stones will help you to do just that.

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