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Celebrate Veganuary with Vegan Beauty

veganuary vegan beauty

With 2020 firmly behind us (thank goodness), it is time to focus on a new year, new beginnings, and maybe even a new you! That is, a healthier, happier, more animal-friendly you. The month of January has become popular in the vegan world with a movement called Veganuary. 

Ok...What in the World is Veganuary?

Ok, so way back in 2014, a U.K-based nonprofit organization introduced a new annual challenge to encourage people to at least try adopting a vegan lifestyle. The 30-day challenge requires you to eat nothing but plant-based foods, and use only vegan products for the entire month of January. Since it began 6 years ago, millions of people have attempted the challenge with many making the complete switch to veganism. The part that you don't want to miss is that it's more than a diet change, it's a lifestyle. It means switching to vegan household products, fashion, and beauty, as well. Let's talk about why vegan beauty is a great place to start your vegan journey!

What Do Non-Vegan Beauty Products Contain?

Non-vegan beauty products contain a whole host of animal-derived ingredients, including gelatin, beeswax, lanolin, albumin, cholesterol, and carmine, just to name a few. These ingredients originate from, in some way, shape, or form...animals. If there were no other option, it would be more understandable. However, there are many animal-friendly, vegan alternatives for beauty products on the market. 

“When you start with a necessary evil, and then over time the necessity passes away, what's left?” -Matthew Scully

Cruelty-Free VS Vegan Products:

Cruelty-free and vegan - you likely see these two labels quite often, sometimes even interchangeably. However, they do mean two very different things. Cruelty-free is referring to the actual testing process. It means that the product, nor its ingredients or formulations have not been tested on animals. However, a cruelty-free product could very well contain animal-derived ingredients.

When a product is marked as vegan, it means that it contains no animal-derived ingredients. But, and it is a rather large one, vegan products are not necessarily all cruelty-free. This means that your vegan product, though it has no non-vegan components, might have been tested on animals.

In an ideal world, a product should be both vegan and cruelty-free to be truly and completely animal-friendly.

The Benefits of Using Vegan Beauty Products:

Aside from all of the animals that won’t be subjected to unjust and unnecessary suffering, what else is so great about vegan beauty products? Well, vegan beauty products typically contain far more natural ingredients which are not only more environmentally friendly but our bodies are better equipped to process them.

As we graduate to a more understanding and caring atmosphere - the one good thing 2020 brought us - we need to protect animals and the environment. Animal testing and the use of animal derivatives and by-products are unnecessary. Why cause harm where none is needed? #justsaying

We are proud to be a cruelty-free, vegan, and reef-safe company. We are also working to implement a more sustainable business model, learn more here

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