how to hydrate your skin

All About Hydrating Your Skin: What, How, and Why

Hydrating your skin is all about increasing it's water content. A dehydrated complexion might be characterized as flaky, dull, and dry. Hydrated s...
what is an aesthetician

What is An Esthetician and Why You Need to See One

You've googled, you've tried every product on the market, and still, your skin issues persist. It's time to stop guessing, stop wasting money, sto...
dangers of tanning

The Dangers of Indoor and Outdoor Tanning in 2021

DYK, indoor tanning causes more skin cancer than smoking causes lung cancer? Tanning is similar to smoking in that it's effects are cumulative. Th...
Simple Tips for Achieving an Even Skin Tone

Simple Tips for Achieving an Even Skin Tone

In this day and age, social media can make it feel like you are the only person on Earth with blemishes, dark spots, or scarring. Influencers  and...
 what does reef safe or reef friendly mean

What does "Reef-Safe" or "Reef-Friendly" Sunscreen Mean?

Reef-safe. This term has been getting thrown around like confetti over the last couple of years. But, what do the terms ‘reef-friendly' or ‘reef-s...
2021 summer beauty trends

6 Summer Beauty Trends to Start Now

Not to worry, most of the upcoming trends for summer 2021 revolve around you looking your best you. Here are the 6 summer beauty trends that you should start now.
8 Skincare Podcasts to Glow Up With this Year

8 Skincare Podcasts to Glow Up With this Year

With the plethora of beauty and skincare podcasts available, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to figure out which will be the most useful to you. Luckily, we’ve done the dirty work and scouted out the best of the best.
Retailer Spotlight: Happy Hour Wax and Facial Bar

Retailer Spotlight: Happy Hour Wax and Facial Bar

We're jump starting the month by showing some love to small business. HH Wax and Facial Bar is one of our fave retailers and for good reason! Read on to learn more about this Joplin-based treasure.
Celebrate Veganuary with Vegan Beauty

Celebrate Veganuary with Vegan Beauty

The month of January has become popular in the vegan world with a movement called Veganuary. The part that you don't want to miss is that it's more than a diet change, it's a lifestyle. Let's talk about why vegan beauty is a great place to start your vegan journey!
cheap cruelty free gift ideas for skin care lovers

6 FAB Gift Ideas for Skin Care Junkies All Under $30

These are six of the best, must-have skincare gifts for the junkie in your life - and peep this - they all cost $30 or under! We know, we know, a Christmas miracle in and of itself. Here are 6 fab and cruelty-free gift ideas for skincare junkies - all for $30 or less.
Top 5 Cruelty Free Makeup Artists to Follow on Instagram in 2020

Top 5 Cruelty Free Makeup Artists to Follow on Instagram in 2020

More makeup artists are opting for those animal-friendly alternatives, saving one living creature at a time. These are the best of the bunch for year 2020. Here are our top picks for 5 incredible, cruelty-free makeup artists to follow on Instagram!
top beauty trends for 2021

5 Beauty Trends to Expect in Spring and Summer 2021

This year has been unpredictable for everyone, and the fashion industry is no exception. With so many of us cooped up indoors for most the year, Spring and Summer 2021 couldn't come soon enough! These two seasons look to be a time of feeling free and being seen (one can hope).

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