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Ladies, Don't Travel Without These 8 Beauty Products

Broad spectrum sunscreen for women that travel.

Travel is something every woman needs to do more of! Whether it’s with your best gals, your significant other, family or even by yourself, exploring the world is something you’ll never regret. While you certainly already have your own list of packing essentials, here are some beauty products jet-setting female travelers won’t leave home without!

No matter where you’re headed, always make sure you have lip balm in tow. Dry, cracked lips can definitely ruin all of your IG pictures and are uncomfortable, so stash some lip balm in your carry on and tote bag so that you can always have soft lips wherever you go. You might also want to stash at least two in your travel bags, just in case you lose one.

If you’re headed somewhere where you’ll be seeing lots of sun and water, your hair can really take a beating. Take a moisturizing travel hair oil with you so that it protects it from salt water, chlorine and the sun. Use it daily and bonus points if it has SPF! A good one to try is Rene Furterer Protective Summer Oil.

Hotel products are hit or miss. Some have great soaps and the like, while others are horrible and can actually dry your skin. Don’t chance anything and take your own soaps. This way, your skin won’t dry out because of some unknown product you’re using. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

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Just like lip balm, traveling can really dry out your skin. Bring along your favorite lotion or body butter so that you can keep your hands and skin moisturized your entire trip! A small travel sized lotion is perfect to place in your carry on and traveling bag while you’re out and about jet-setting across the globe! Here is a mini size lotion by Bliss that is perfect for travel.

A wanderlust traveler needs supple and plump skin, especially after being on a plant for long hours. Always bring along your go-to moisturizer or serum so that you can provide your face with the hydration needed to look amazing even if you’re jet lagged.

Just like soap, pack your favorite shampoo and conditioner! The offerings at hotels might not work with your individual hair type and can dry it out or make it unmanageable. Skip the hassle and just bring your own. Always have travel sized bottles handy for last minute trips or invest in travel bottles that you can fill with your favorite products.

Give your face some intense hydration and antioxidant protection when you travel by bringing along a facial mist. They’re perfect for all your travels since they provide fresher-looking, youthful skin with just one spray. Although you might feel jet lagged, you won’t look like it!

You should always wear sunscreen no matter what, but any seasoned traveler knows it’s a must when on vacation! Wherever the destination, make sure to bring along sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. ZINC IT OVER® is your perfect travel companion since it’s a Fine + Sheer Sunscreen Facial Mist that you can wear over your makeup. You simply spray it on every two hours for maximum protection. Plus, it’s TSA approved size perfect for your carry on, purse and any other travel bag you have!

Don’t forget these essential items, Bon Voyage and take lots of pictures!

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