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How Does Green Tea Extract Benefit Your Skin?

skin benefits of green tea extract

For those who lead a healthy lifestyle, the many benefits of green tea extract are pretty well-known and likely utilized in day to day life. In fact, people have been making use of the powerful plant for its undeniable health benefits for centuries. All-natural and chock full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and vitamins, green tea is exactly what your skin has been needing, and we are here to tell you exactly why.

The Top Health Benefits of Green Tea:

Green tea in and of itself offers a wide range of advantages. This includes many significant health benefits such as:

  • lowered cholesterol
  • increased blood flow
  • promoting a healthy heart, liver, and brain function

Green tea extract is simply a highly concentrated form of green tea. One of its lesser-known (although it is gaining traction) benefits is the positive effects that it can have on the appearance and health of your skin. It brightens, evens skin tone, and has even shown promise in helping to repair sun-damage. Its anti-acne properties are quite impressive, too. This is why green tea extract is regularly included in the ingredient lists of many of today’s popular skincare products.

how to use green tea for skin

The Role It Plays in Skincare:

Many of these skincare benefits result from the incredibly high content of antioxidants that can be found in green tea. Hidden within the abundance of antioxidants, it also contains something called epigallocatechin (say THAT five times fast!) or EGCG. EGCG is one of the most powerful antioxidative active compounds and is one of the main reasons for all of its health and beauty benefits. Not only is it an extremely powerful antioxidant, but EGCG also has strong anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Bye, bye, pimples!

Why It Needs to Be Included with Your Skincare Routine:

The health benefits alone are reason enough to rush out and get some green tea, but if you want to get the most out of your skincare routine, it should most definitely be added to your arsenal. The positive effects that green tea extract can have on the health and appearance of your skin are numerous.

Anti-aging properties: EGCG has been known to offset the damage from sun exposure, pollution, as well as from harsh chemicals. It is also known to repair cellular damage while reinforcing your skin’s natural defenses and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and liver spots.

Anti-inflammation: The anti-inflammatory properties of green tea extract reduce redness, puffiness, and soothes the skin, giving it a more youthful appearance.

Anti-bacterial: Thanks to the strong polyphenol, EGCG, green tea extract is also good at fighting both acne and oily skin as it reduces the production of sebum (the gross buildup that leads to acne) in the pores.

Caffeine and Tannins: These compounds, which are found in green tea and its extract, are terrific at shrinking the blood vessels around the eyes and the tannins help to shrink the pores by acting as an astringent.

Other Health Benefits: In addition to the many skin benefits, green tea extract has the ability to positively affect your health.

Adding green tea extract to your beauty and skincare routine is a great way to get your skin looking, and feeling, better than ever. Thanks to its unbeatable DNA repair, some studies show that it has capabilities in fighting skin cancer while improving your overall health. And that's not including all of its other useful benefits - it can truly be life-changing! It'll have you feeling better, looking better, with an increased quality of life.

While it can work magic as a drink or topically, using a green tea supplement can be an easy and convenient way to get the optimal amount. For a youthful, glowing, and healthy appearance, give your epidermis what it’s been craving - natural and healthy antioxidant-rich food.

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