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Listen Up, Skincare Travel Tips to Glow on the Go

skincare travel essentials

Traveling is all about experiencing new places, people, and cultures. However, due to the unpredictable nature of travel, it can be hard to prep for every possible scenario. That, darlings, is why it's so important to have a good skincare routine when you travel. You need to pack the right products to help keep your skin looking its best. After all, you never know who you might meet! Be sure to pack your favorite easy-to-use skincare products in your carry-on.

Without further ado, here are some great skin care tips to help you keep your skin looking healthy and happy on those highways, byways, and airstrips.

5 Best Skincare Travel Tips and Essentials

1. Don't forget to pack your sunscreen

First things first! Even if your destination isn't known for its sunny weather, UV rays that can make you sunburn can still occur. Protecting your skin damaging rays is important whether you're headed to the beach or the mountains. One of the best sunscreen options for your face is ZINC IT OVER, a SPF facial mist that can be used over makeup or bare-faced. It's easy to apply, and you don't have to worry about it getting all over your clothes. ZINC IT OVER is also lightweight and sheer so no need to fret about white cast. Furthermore, it fights against wrinkles and skin damage with an award-winning formula bountiful in antioxidants. For best results, reapply your sunscreen every two hours and practice sun safety.

2. Layer Your Skincare

Even if you're staying in a 5-star hotel, the altitude and climate of your destination can take a toll on your skin. You can effectively combat the effects of traveling by layering products from head to toe. Start with a gentle cleanser to remove excess dirt and grime from your skin, followed by a moisturizer if the weather is dry. If you're out in the hot sun, apply sunscreen to your moisturizer to protect against the sun's damaging rays. Lastly, don't forget to reapply often using a hydrating sunscreen mist.

Protect skin against sun damage and brown spots.

3. Pack an Eye Cream

In addition to using a moisturizer, pack an eye cream in your suitcase. Eye creams are specifically formulated to nourish and hydrate your delicate skin around the eye area. Eye creams also decrease puffiness and dark circles around your eyes, making you look tired even when you're not. You can use a separate eye cream for each day of your trip, but make sure to pack enough in your suitcase to have it when you need it. We like to apply a nighttime eye cream for a set it and forget it approach!

4. Body Mist

It's always wise to pack some oils and moisturizers in your suitcase, but one other tip you can use to fight dry skin is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Using a body mist will help keep your skin hydrated and looking fresh, especially if you're on a long flight. Be sure to pack a few different scents, so you don't get sick of the same fragrance throughout your trip.

5. Sin Makeup

While you should keep your routine the same when on a trip, it's important to be prepared for the unexpected. If you need to wash your face in the middle of your vacation, wearing makeup is no point. The same goes for any other product that doesn't offer a long-lasting effect. So, we suggest either going without makeup or keep it basic. Think undereye concealer, brows, eyeliner and gloss, done and done!

Many travelers forget about their skin, but a little planning goes a long way (get it, long way?!). No matter where you go, you can always give your skin a boost with the help of good skin care products. Investing in skincare bundles like the Power Couple bundle by Seriously FAB will have you prepared to glow on the go. Follow these skincare tips and pack the right products, and you'll be sure to arrive at your destination with gorgeous, healthy skin.

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