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Post Halloween Makeup Tips and Skin Care Routine

post halloween makeup tips skincare

Halloween makeup tips and tutorials are a dime a dozen this time of year. Just about every Halloween costume will require some type of makeup application. After all the Halloween parties and trick or treating, however, the question becomes- how do I care for my skin afterward?

Follow these Halloween makeup tips to remove the toughest makeup and keep your skin from looking scary!

Before Makeup Application

Taking care of your skin before putting on heavy Halloween makeup, or makeup that is not what you normally wear is essential. Moisturizing before applying your makeup is always a good idea. If you don’t get a chance or forget, add moisturizer immediately after you take your makeup off.

Different Makeup, Different Routine

Many times a Halloween costume will require makeup that is different from your everyday routine such as FX makeup. Wearing this starkly different makeup for even a few hours can leave your skin struggling to get back into the usual routine. FX makeup removal is best done as quickly as possible to allow your skin to recover.

Many times normal but heavier makeup will be applied for Halloween, especially around the eyes. Applying enough makeup remover in the right areas is key to removing the makeup. Makeup remover can always be “over applied” to ensure that all your makeup is covered by the remover. Allow the Halloween makeup remover to sit on the applied area (longer than usual) to make sure that it has time to properly penetrate the makeup underneath it. 

Cleanse, Cleanse, Cleanse

Once the Halloween makeup is removed, your skin desperately needs to be cleansed. Most Halloween makeups contain heavy oils, so make sure that oily residue has been fully removed. It's vital that your skin pores are not clogged so your skin repairs itself after Halloween makeup.

A Little Extra Attention Never Hurt

Out of all the Halloween makeup tips, we can suggest the best would be to show your skin love! A facial at a spa will have skin glowing in no time. If a spa isn’t a possibility, applying a DIY mask at home will also go a long way to help. A soothing or extra hydrating mask will add in the moisture that your skin is craving.

Halloween Makeup Tips

Even with plans in place for post-Halloween makeup skin, there still may be some lingering effects of that once a year makeup. Redness or irritation is common when the skin is not used to certain makeups. Make sure that daily facial cleansers do not have any exfoliants in them for a few days. Skin in this condition is craving creamy, soothing and hydrating cleansers and moisturizers. Once the redness and irritation have gone away, you can start back up on your normal, daily face care routine.

Halloween makeup adds to any costume aftercare Halloween makeup removal tips even more important. Knowing how to properly care for the skin beneath it will make sure that your post-Halloween skin is never as frightening as the Halloween costume it helped to create!

Happy Halloween!

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