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Retailer Spotlight: BOHO Alternative Medical Spa

Boho Alternative Medical Spa

We all know how important skin care is to your overall health. It’s not just about looking good! Your skin is often the first indication of a more serious health concern. Holly Tanellla and husband, Trey Tanella, have crafted healthy and holistic treatments at BOHO Alternative Med Spa that relies on a natural approach. This specialized approach prides itself on getting to the root of skin issues, whether it's dealing with severe acne, anti-aging treatments, face masks, or skin peels.

Alternative Choices
One of the big selling points at Boho is its holistic approach. In fact, they use micro-needling and lip fillers made with hyaluronic acid. This water-retaining substance is naturally found in the body, and is, therefore, less likely to cause a reaction. Using these methods means fewer chemicals, endocrine disrupters, and skin irritants. Even their chemical peels and face masks are designed using healthy ingredients to benefit your skin over time, rather than focusing on the short-term benefits of chemicals and synthetics.

Long Term Care
Long-term is a bit of a specialization with BOHO Alternative Med Spa. BOHO is not about the quick fix. Their acne treatment is top of the line, and they offer wrinkle treatments, facial and body treatments designed to help you age as gracefully as you want. Their loyal customer base talks about top-notch customer service, and miracles with everything from age spots, to eye puffiness, and even old acne scarring. Not to mention their treatment that can tackle the most stubborn acne, to give you healthy, glowing skin. Their HydraFacial treatment for firmer, radiant skin, has become so popular the team recently celebrated the arrival of a new HydraFacial machine on their Facebook!

Expert Care
Any med spa is only as good as its team, and BOHO Alternative has some of the best. Holly Tanella is an award-winning aesthetician with years of experience, and Trey Tanella specializes in nutrition. The family-style approach and combined expertise mean you get the best possible care.

You'll enjoy natural ingredients, like honey and citrus, and non-invasive treatments, like micro-needling and UV light therapy. Additionally, their blog is a hub of information about keeping your skin and body healthy, and they love interacting with fans and clients on their active social media pages.

BOHO Alternative Med Spa is a top-notch medical spa you can trust knowing you're in experienced hands. In fact, owner Holly was named the #1 International Holistic Esthetician in the international skin competition, The Skin Games!

Be sure to ask for your favorite sunscreen facial mist, ZINC IT OVER, at your next visit with BOHO! 

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