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Retailer Spotlight: Fuchsia Spa at Dana Park

fuchsia spa dana park

The story of Fuchsia Spa began with a conversation between two coworkers, Erin and Lisa. Working in higher education, they realized the lack of affordable yet quality skincare and massage services for everyday women. They saw an opportunity to make a difference.

After thorough research, Erin and Lisa launched Fuchsia Spa in 2008. Their vision was to bring spa treatments and benefits to a wider audience at manageable prices. They wanted Fuchsia to be a warm, welcoming environment where customers felt cared for and valued.

Their Dana Park location, nestled in Village Square at Dana Park Shopping Center, was one of their first. Erin and Lisa are hands-on owners, ensuring the highest standards in skincare techniques, products, and client services.

#BossBabes on a Mission

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Fuchsia Spa aims to be the best spa in the area. Their aesthetics-focused membership programs help clients maintain healthy, youthful skin and well-being at affordable rates.

For Erin and Lisa, Fuchsia Spa is more than a business - it's an opportunity to share life's moments with customers and staff who've become like family. They are committed to staying educated and innovative so Fuchsia can provide the best possible care to help people look and feel their best.

Spa Services at Dana Park Fuchsia Spa 

Fuchsia Spa offers a wide range of skincare and wellness services to pamper and rejuvenate you. From facials and LED light treatments to massage nail services, and infrared saunas, they have professional solutions for all your beauty and wellbeing needs. Here are some of the dreamy treatments available at Dana Park Fuchsia Spa:

Facials: Customized facials using professional products and techniques tailored to your individual skin concerns like acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and dryness.

LED Light Therapy: LED light treatments stimulate collagen production, reduce inflammation, and reverse signs of aging by improving texture, and reducing fine lines and dark circles.

Lash Lift: A semi-permanent lash lift treatment to curl and lift your natural lashes and enhance their fullness and visibility for up to 8 weeks.

Brow Lamination: A treatment to reshape, lift and set the brow hairs semi-permanently for up to 6-8 weeks, giving your brows a fuller and arched appearance.

Massages: Therapeutic Swedish, deep tissue, and hot stone massage therapies by trained massage therapists to relieve tight muscles, reduce stress, improve sleep, and boost immunity.

BrainTap: Guided meditation sessions using audio, visual tools, and mindfulness techniques to reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, and improve focus.

Compression Boot Therapy: Uses compression boots that apply graduated pressure to lower legs to reduce inflammation and swelling, speed up muscle recovery after a workout, and improve blood circulation.

Therapeutic Massage Cupping: An alternative therapy that uses suction cups to massage and loosen tight muscles, improving blood flow and lymphatic drainage and reducing aches and pains.

Nails (La Encantada location only): Nail services including traditional manicures, gel manicures, paraffin wax treatments and pedicures.

Waxing: Hair removal services using hot wax and strips to remove unwanted hair from face and body.

Microneedling: A collagen-inducing procedure that uses fine needles to create micro-injuries in the skin, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, reducing the appearance of acne scars, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Infrared Sauna: Whole-body sauna therapy using invisible infrared waves to penetrate tissues deeply, improving blood circulation, aiding in muscle recovery and boosting the immune system.

If you reside or are visiting the Dana Park area, do yourself a favor and stop by Fuchsia Spa for some well-deserved self-care. Trust and believe, your body will thank you!

Don't forget to ask for your favorite SPF facial mist, ZINC IT OVER, at your next appointment!

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