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Retailer Spotlight: ROOTS the Beauty Underground


In these difficult times, self-care is more important than ever. If you’re looking for a clean beauty company that cares about its clients and doesn’t skimp on quality, Roots, the Beauty Underground can deliver!

Roots History

Laura Linsenmayer is the fabulous founder and owner of Roots, the Beauty Underground. A Laguna Beach native, Laura is a former film and TV makeup artist, whose commitment to non-toxic cosmetics has led to her own salon and organic beauty store. For Laura, healthy skin and a healthy body is the essential beginning of finding the right beauty products. Her product selection is based on years of experience in the beauty industry, and a willingness to evolve, adapt and ask advice.

Roots The Beauty Underground Philosophy

The Roots philosophy is about health. The products selected use all-natural whole ingredients. Roots salons provide a holistic approach not only in the products they use but in the care of their clients. Their aim is to help women feel comfortable and confident in their own skin and to help them make informed choices about the cleanest products to meet their needs. The team at Roots beauty makes a point to get to know their clients' individual needs. This is accomplished by asking questions about your beauty regime, and offering advice on the best ways to use the products.


Roots is committed to excellence in their products. With every brand they choose, the owner and operator Laura Lisenmayer test each product for two weeks. Her goal is not just to make sure you love it. Being able to offer information on how each product works, and how it may impact your skin is essential. Not every organic or natural product is created equal, and this first-hand experience with the product can help ensure customers and clients are presented with their best options.

roots the beauty underground

Roots features products from high-quality clean beauty companies like ILIA Beauty, Tata Harper, Bumble & Bee, and more. They provide a range of products from all-natural tooth care, skincare, cosmetics brushes, and hair color. The focus is on not just choosing organic products, but on educating consumers about what various products and various chemicals do to their skin, teeth, and hair.

The Pricing

Another important factor in the way Roots The Beauty Underground does its business is its price point. Many people avoid organic and clean products because they’re worried about the price. The goal of Roots The Beauty Underground is to make nontoxic beauty products accessible. Most of their clients cite the price point as one of the reasons they stay loyal to the brand. Unlike many competitors, Roots works to keep their prices reasonable.

With its upscale salons that keep prices reasonable, its commitment to clean, natural products, and extraordinary service, Roots The Beauty Underground will help you care for your skin, stay healthy, and stay committed to ethical consumerism.

Be sure to pick up ZINC IT OVER at Roots, The Beauty Underground located at 384 Forest Ave. Suite 9 Laguna Beach, Ca 92651.

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Instagram: @rootslagunabeach

Facebook: @rootsbeauty

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