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Seriously FAB with Swetha of Ethical Pixie

Happy New Year! We know it's been a while since our last Q & A so we made sure this one was extra special to kick of 2021! With the cruelty-free and eco-conscious lifestyle taking a front and center spot for a growing number of people, so have the resources out there helping them make sense of it all. You want to make sure, however, that you are using one that you can trust is giving you the right and most up-to-date information. That's where Ethical Pixie comes in! Ethical Pixie is your ultimate guide to conscious living. Enjoy learning more about Swetha's path to cruelty-free and how she's now helping thousands find their way, as well.

swetha s. ethical pixie

Swetha S.

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SF: What was your childhood like and how did it lead to where you are now?

Swetha: I was born in India and as a kid, I grew with my grandparents on a farm for a few years where they had every farm animal you could ever imagine along with huge acres of mango orchards. Guess this was when my love for animals and nature began. :)

Over the years, I started questioning my everyday lifestyle choices. And once I realized how much we humans are dependent on animals, for all the wrong reasons, I decided I needed to do something. And so, began my journey towards being a conscious consumer! I decided I needed to transition to a cruelty-free lifestyle. So, I started with my own research, and over time, I switched all my products, clothes, etc. to being Cruelty-free.

Once I completely transitioned over, I was determined to spread awareness and help others who are also looking to transition over to Cruelty-free, and thus EthicalPixie was born.

Swetha S.

SF: What advice would you give others that want to transition to cruelty-free or vegan products?

Swetha: My advice would be to start slow. Learning about how cruel and unnecessary animal testing is, can be very overwhelming and people might be tempted to overhaul their complete skincare and beauty collection. My advice would be not to do that as it's their hard-earned money they spent on these products and throwing them will only end up in more landfill and waste. So, use them until they run out or expire. This will help them evaluate the products they have, do research and find the right Cruelty free replacements. I have a detailed blog post to help people transition to Cruelty free.

SF: What is your favorite drugstore makeup brand? High-end brand?

Swetha: Pacifica is my all time favorite drugstore brand! It was one of the first CF brands I ever tried when I started my Cruelty free journey. I have to say LUSH is one of my favorite high end brands! I love what they stand for and how they support to end animal testing for good. I admire that along with being Cruelty free, their products are also Eco-friendly.

SF: How important do you feel SPF is in a daily beauty routine?

Swetha: I cannot stress this enough. I always encourage my followers to use SPF every single day. It’s the #1 thing you can do to protect your skin from aging. Most people wear sunscreen only during the summer months, but bear in mind, sunscreen is even more important during the cold winter days as the UV rays are much stronger.

SF: What makeup product can you not leave home without?

Swetha: I have to say eyeliner. Just adding that brightens my eyes.

SF: What is the biggest complaint you hear about sunscreen?

Swetha: The biggest problem with sunscreens is how the chemicals used in sunscreens are destroying the oceans’ coral reefs which in turn endangers marine underwater life. Thanks to states like Hawaii for raising awareness and banning products with these harmful chemicals. Nowadays, we have a handful of sunscreen brands that are not only Cruelty free but also reef-safe. I also created a detailed blog post regarding this and I highly encourage people to start shopping only Cruelty free and reef-safe sunscreen.

SF: What is your favorite quote?

Swetha: ‘Until one has truly loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.’ by Anatole France is my favorite quote and truly believe it. Only when one has truly loved an animal, can they truly understand empathy, compassion and loyalty. 

SF: Why is supporting cruelty-free or vegan beauty brands important to you?

Swetha: In this day and age, animal testing is so outdated and unnecessary. With all the advancement in technology today, using animals, abusing, exploiting them is not right and so not necessary. As an animal lover, I cannot support the torture and abuse of any animal.

With over 500+ Cruelty free brands (listed on to choose from, there is no reason to support brands that test on animals. As I always tell my followers, vote with your dollars, every dollar you spend on Cruelty free brands is saving the life of an animal somewhere.

ethical pixie swetha

There you have it, glowbunnies! If you're looking to make more eco-conscious and cruelty-free choices this upcoming year, be sure to check out Ethical Pixie. And, if you're looking for a cruelty-free sunscreen or looking to replace your current one with one more eco-friendly, we've got you covered. Our 3-in-1 antioxidant-rich SPF facial mist, ZINC IT OVER, is not only cruelty-free, it's vegan, paraben-free, reef-safe, and alcohol-free. View all our ingredients and ingredients we don't use here.

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