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The Number One Product In Your Skin Care Routine

While cleanser, moisturizer, and serums are all skincare essentials, the #1 most important skincare product is a zinc-based sunscreen.

Hear me out! You've likely heard about the absolute importance of applying, and reapplying your SPF every single day. And, if you're going to be exposing your skin and body to that much product, choosing a natural, zinc-touting mineral-based formula is the safest option. 

In fact, according to the FDA, studies have shown that the chemicals in chemical sunscreens can be absorbed into the bloodstream (um, yikes!). The bottom line, zinc-based is where it’s at! 

Benefits of Sunscreen:

The most obvious benefit of using sunscreen is its ability to protect your skin. However, sun damage and UV rays can also cause other skin issues including premature aging, wrinkles, and sunspots. This is called photoaging and is precipitated by repeated exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays. The benefits of sunscreen are actually two-fold– it's a crucial part of your beauty routine to avoid photoaging, as well as, playing a large role in the overall health department, because - well, skin cancer. 

Benefits of Zinc:

Zinc oxide very gentle on the skin (think baby diaper rash cream) and less likely to cause irritation. It also has the ability to efficiently block both UVA and UVB rays (always look for broad or full spectrum on the label!). This obviously provides more complete protection. The zinc creates a barrier between your sensitive skin and the sun’s super harmful rays, reflecting them away.

What many people don't know is that zinc oxide is actually an acne-fighting super mineral! Additionally, zinc-based sunscreens can rescue you from blue light rays.

According to dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, "Mineral-based sunscreens that contain ingredients like zinc oxide, form a protective seal over the skin to reflect away blue light."

Why It’s Imperative for Everyone:

Contrary to popular belief, skincare does not discriminate! Absolutely no one is exempt. No matter your gender, race, complexion, or lifestyle- sunscreen must be part of your daily skincare routine. Though darker skin tones are less susceptible to skin cancer, it's just as likely to burn as fairer skin tones. Skin cancer aside, sunspots and hyperpigmentation are more common in melanin-rich skin. Use SPF daily and reapply every two hours for the best protection. No excuses queens, wear your sunscreen!

Multi-Purpose Sunscreens

We believe that the best sunscreen is the one you'll wear! When you're seeking out a zinc-based sunscreen, try finding one that can serve multiple purposes. For example, ZINC IT OVER Sunscreen Facial Mist doesn't just offer sun protection– it serves as a hydrating mist, makeup setting spray, and skin-nourishing serum. This makes it stupidly easy and convenient to reapply your sunscreen on the go. Dr. David Lortscher, CEO of Curology, said it best, "The key to choosing the best sunscreen is choosing one you'll have no problem wearing every day."

Beauty care as a whole is very personal and individualized. Generally, what works for one might not work for another. But, this is simply not the case when it comes to sunscreen. Anyone with skin needs to protect it and the best, safest way to do that is by using a zinc-based sunscreen every day with regular reapplication. 

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