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The Best Summer Fashion Trends You Need To Try!


2018 Summer Fashion Trends

The summer season has officially begun, which means it's time to up the ante in your wardrobe. Trends are always changing, and we are here to bring you the top fashion staples that are necessary to beat the summer heat and still look hot for 2018! From bright and bold colors to the all-important pieces that can make your closet that much happier, we're giving you the inside scoop on this summer's must-have trends. Let's get started!

1. Floral Maxis And Midis

summer fashion trends


When you think about breaking out your summer wardrobe for the year, you can't help but get excited to put on your pretty floral prints once again. Floral maxi and midi dresses have reigned supreme for many summer fashion seasons, and these printed, flowing dresses are standing strong at the top of the 2018 trending season. 

2. Bright Colors

2018 Summer Fashion Trends


Nothing screams summer more than the vibrant and bold colors that make the season all the more bright. It also appears that no colors are off limits this season, as many designers have made signature pieces in stunning yellows, reds, greens, and purples that will turn heads. 

3. Patchwork

2018 Summer Fashion Trends

We have been seeing many pieces making their debut with a plethora of different patchwork and checkered print patterns. From dresses to even a staple piece in the closet, like a chic blazer, you can't go wrong with one bit of patchwork in your summer wardrobe.

4. Feathers And Fringe

2018 Summer Fashion Trends

We are also seeing many designs that are exquisitely detailed with fun accents of faux feathers and even fringe as well. Add some flair to your wardrobe with one of these staple pieces to make your summer one to remember.

5. Puffed Sleeves

2018 Summer Fashion Trends

We are going back to the '80s for this trend that has taken the industry by storm this season, as the bigger and puffier sleeves are making a comeback. Whether it's on a blouse, blazer, or even a beautiful midi dress, the more dramatic sleeve is captivating the eye.

6. Pastel Colors

2018 Summer Fashion Trends

While we mentioned the punch that the bright colors are packing in the fashion industry, we have also seen many beautiful designs from the other side of the color spectrum -- Pastels. In fact, one of the more popular pastel colors that we have seen from various designers has been that delicate lilac purple color.

7. A Day At The Beach

2018 Summer Fashion Trends

There is something about summer that brings out our playful side, and the fashion industry has taken this feeling one step further by bringing beachwear to everyday wear. With bold prints, fun colors, and an airy feel, many of the pieces we have seen from designers take this beach themed attire to a whole new level.

We have been seeing many different trends for summer begin to make their debut as the season goes underway, but we feel that these seven are the trends that will make your summer 2018 one you will never forget! We hope we have given you that bit of inspiration that you need to make your wardrobe one of a kind, on trend, and ready for the best summer ever. Don't forget, nothing goes better with a cute outfit than healthy, glowing skin- so don't forget to keep ZINC IT OVER® Fine + Sheer Sunscreen Facial Mist in your bag for easy and fun sunscreen reapplication!

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