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Top U.S. Cities for Vegan and Vegetarian Foodies

vegan and vegetarian cities in the U.S.

We’ve compiled a simple list of the most vegan-friendly cities to check out this year. Spring break and summer is just around the corner, and veganism is growing. Read on to find out exactly where to go for your next road trip. It's sure to be an amazing plant-based adventure! 

Check Out the Top Vegan-Friendly Cities in America!

1. Los Angeles, California

This is one of the best cities for vegan foodies, wherever you’re from! You’ll feel at home since there’s such a large vegan population residing in the area. Get to know some fellow veggies over some delicious food at places like Cruzer and Shojin!

2. New York City, New York

There is no room for boredom in this buzzing city. Voted one of the best cities to visit for vegan foodies, you’ll drool your way through burgers, doughnuts, hot-dogs, ice cream, and more… Check out by Chloe and the famous Candle 79!


Vegan-friendly New York City

3. Portland, Oregon

Portland is well-known for plant-based people who love to travel. It’s a forward-thinking town in terms of eco-friendliness and boasts many vegan jackpots like Sweatpea Baking Company!

4. Dallas, Texas

A great time of year to visit this vegan-friendly city would be during the Texas State Veggie Fair! Join the thousands of people gently supporting the vegetarian-friendly change, with great people and great food!

5. Las Vegas, Nevada

Craving Chinese? Indian? Italian? No worries, Las Vegas has you sorted! There is a very diverse range of plant-based food available here for you to chomp your way through, and you’ll have another place to add to your visited list of vegetarian-friendly cities! 

6. Detroit, Michigan

Detroit has absolutely amazing places, such as Detroit Vegan Soul that will have you never wanting to go home after traveling. Fill yourself with vegan goodness in Detroit next time you travel! 

vegan-friendly city Detroit

7. Seattle, Washington

Seattle is definitely a perfect plant-based spot to hit up when traveling, with almost 200 vegetarian-friendly places to eat out! Remember to stop by Vegan Haven Grocery to get some veggie snacks for the road.

8. San Francisco, California

San Francisco will impress you with its amazing range of plant-based alternatives to your favorite indulgent meals. Take a trip down memory lane with hoagies and meatball subs that are all cruelty-free!

9. Austin, Texas

If you’re in Texas, this is one of the best vegan-friendly cities for you to stop by. Stock up on groceries for the road at Rabbit Food Grocery and satisfy your junk food crave with a brilliant burger at Arlo’s.

10. Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale’s vegan scene is full of soul. Feed your hunger and your soul with delicious salad bars and hot dog joints scattered across town. 

vegan and vegetarian friendly Scottsdale, AZ

11. San Diego, California

If you’re looking for a plant-based paradise, go to San Diego. Evolution Fast Food is a place you’ll never forget. This is a place to make food memories that will make both your veggie and meat-eater friends jealous!

12. Orlando, Florida

The world-famous sunny state! Eat what the Sun grows here when traveling. It’s one of America’s great vegan-friendly cities, with brilliant bakeries and cruelty-free junk food spots for you to indulge in! Valhalla Bakery is definitely not a place to miss!

Whether you’re making travel plans for the summer or not, 2019 is your time! Make sure to consider these vegetarian-friendly sites for a healthy, environmentally-friendly and fun-packed adventure. Happy veggie travels! Oh, and don't forget the sunscreen;)

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