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How Pollution and Electronics Affect Your Skin

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Sure, it would be ideal to live a life of retirement at some tropical location sipping on a Mai Tai- sunscreen in hand of course! But, for most of us, that's just not reality! So many of us nine to five, working-class citizens go about our busy lives without giving daily SPF a second thought. After all, you'll be in the office soon, so why bother, right? Wrong, you'd better think again! A few minutes in the sun can lead to premature aging and over a long period of time, skin cancer.

You probably don't realize it but you likely spend a good bit of your day outdoors. Riding to and from work unaware that the suns harmful rays are coming through the windshield. Not to mention the outdoor pollution penetrating your skin. 

So, now you're at work, filled to the brim with electronic devices sending out UV rays. This is potentially doing further damage within the layers of your delicate skin. While the sun is the biggest culprit of UV rays- cellphones, wi-fi routers, Bluetooth transmitters, and other devices also release a small amount.

office technology radiation

Does this sound like your typical work grind? Well, you don't have to go hiding in a cave. ZINC IT OVER Sunscreen Facial Mist is not only a broad-spectrum SPF but it's packed full of skin-healthy antioxidants to nourish your skin and protect it from the stress of daily life. 

So, after applying your makeup or before exiting your front door in the morning, don't forget ZINC IT OVER. Your skin will thank you for it!

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