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Where to See the Best Fall Leaves of the Season

See the Best Fall Leaves

Fall is known for many things- pumpkin spice flavored everything, cooler temperatures, the start of football season, and the stunning colors that come with the turning of leaves. Throughout the country, there are sites that offer picturesque fall colors and opportunities to do a little traveling.

Here are just a few places you should consider checking out this season:

The Adirondacks in the Northeast

See the Best Fall Leaves

Stretching across several states and thousands of acres, the Adirondacks offer leaf peepers multiple locations to experience fall colors in all their glory. Scenic drives across backroads in both Vermont and New Hampshire will leave anyone looking for fall colors awe-inspired. The northern stretches of New York and Maine also bring fall delight with the gorgeous colors. Anyone of these states easily offers multiple ski locations that open their gondolas to color seekers to get birds eye views of panoramic colors.


See the Best Fall Leaves

Long dubbed as the ski lovers paradise, Colorado also offers multiple locations to see fall colors in all their majesty. The key to seeing the majestic colors in Colorado is to pay attention to foliage maps, as the colors change quickly and vary from place to place. Weather also plays a crucial role in Colorado leaf colors, as freezing cold nights will mean the end of leaves on the trees, and that can come rather quickly in Colorado.

Northern Michigan

See the Best Fall Leaves

Aside from the Great Lakes, Michigan also boasts a substantial area to view breathtaking fall colors. Hundreds of miles of routes will give you views to bring your camera for. Many Michigan fall colors also mirror off of the Great Lakes, giving an even more amazing view to look at.

British Columbia, Canada

See the Best Fall Leaves

The Japanese maple trees that abound throughout British Columbia give a distinct fall foliage look to view. They are often referred to as fire foliage and do not peak until October, allowing for a later viewing for leaf peepers. The drive to British Columbia is also beautiful and the town offers many activities during leaf viewing season, so an easy day or weekend trip can be achieved. 

Ozark National Forest in Arkansas

See the Best Fall Leaves

The south is not known for an abundance of fall foliage, but The Ozark National Forest in Arkansas does supply some downright beautiful fall colors and is one of the very few places that folks in the south can go to see the typical Northern color changes. A whole stretch of highway will give you beautiful colors to look at, as well as an easy drive to see them.

Fall is always a wonderful time of year to forge new adventures and discover amazing new places, some in your own backyard! The stunning photos that you see year after year in magazines and on the internet are easy to find yourself if you take the time to look. Do not let an opportunity pass you by to capture your own fall foliage memories this year.

If you decide to venture out to explore all that fall has to offer be sure to pack all the essentials. From a first aid kit to sunscreen be sure you are prepared for the unexpected. Please keep in mind, that while fall is actually one of the best seasons when it comes to your skin, it's still vital to keep it protected from harmful UV rays that can come through the clouds and even reflect. Grab a bottle of ZINC IT OVER® Sunscreen Facial Mist for convenient, effective, on-the-go protection!

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