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5 Weird Skin Care Trends We DARE You to Try!

weird skin trends

 If you've scrolled through Instagram, you likely have seen some very strange beauty and skin care posts. This year has offered some of the most unusual skin care trends to date including 24 karat gold skin treatments and bubble masks! Retailers like Sephora are taking advantage of these new skincare crazes to cater to those brave enough to give them a try.

Here is a list of our top five strange skincare trends this year that we dare you to try out. If you already have, then drop us a line in the comments below and tell us how effective it was for you!


Can you recall the satisfaction of removing the dried glue from your hands in elementary school? Well, Charcoal peel-off mask holds on a similar concept- only it comes with real benefits for your skin. Charcoal masks have gained a lot of popularity with brands like Boscia and GlamGlow who have implemented it into their own products. The aim of the mask is to clear out pores, removing all blackheads and whiteheads. To use the mask, you just need to apply the product and leave it for about 10 minutes and then pull off the mask. 

weird skin trends


Snail mucus is a more renown skin skincare trend in South Korea. According to recent studies, the snail mucous trend promotes anti-aging and moisturizing properties to your skin. It includes ingredients like peptides and hyaluronic acid which are also found in many beauty products. In Asia, most of the spas use snail mucus as part of the main skin treatment. The snail mucus treatment is pretty costly, going for as much as $250. In some spas, they use live snails to treat customers for deeper action and exfoliation. 


Some studies show algae to have great benefits in terms of beauty. It has numerous minerals which moisturize deep into the skin and lower acne irritation. Most of the luxury beauty companies, such as Esteé Lauder and Elizabeth Arden are trying to catch up with the trend and offering products that take advantage of the healing properties. You can come across algae in many beauty products from face masks, sunscreens (that's us!) and creams.

weird skin trends


Many beauty-related social media influencers have featured skincare products highlighting the benefits of 24K gold. Gold in skin care is said to track back to Chinese and ancient Egyptian societies where the rich crush gold and integrate it in regular skincare practices. It was once alleged that Cleopatra used to apply gold masks to preserve her youthful appearance and beauty. Countless luxury spas now offer gold treatments which they claim to help the skin restore collagen on its own.


Charcoal bubble masks are not only helpful to your skin but it is also a fun way to skip time as you wait for the mask to dry. You just need to apply the mask and wait for 10 minutes and watch it as it begins to bubble up! Besides being fun to apply and experience, it's a silly looking moment to share on social media with friends. 

Well, there you have it! If you know of any weird, wild, or even gross skincare trends you think we should cover, let us know! We can't wait to see what the quickly approaching new year holds for the world of beauty and skin care. It just keeps getting more and more exotic with people looking for new and more effective ways to look their best. 

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Image Source (Charcoal Mask): Health & Heidi/ Youtube

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