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6 Summer Beauty Trends to Start Now

summer beauty trends 2021

Yaaasssss, ladies (and gents) it is about time to embrace that summer glow again! As we all know, summer, as amazing as it is, brings with it sun damage from UV rays. Not to worry, most of the upcoming trends for summer 2021 revolve around you looking your best you. Here are the 6 summer beauty trends that you should start now.

6. All About the Eyes Dah-ling:

The eyes are the windows to your soul...or something of the like. Pastel eyeshadow, natural lashes, and brightly-hued eyeliner are all coming into trend for summer. The eyes have always been one of the main focuses of the face, and with masks being worn, they are even more of a facial centerpiece.

5. Statement Hats:

Hats are trendy and fashionable for every season, however, the summer sun and heat makes wearing one super important. They are cute and fun and they protect you from the sun! There is no better time than now to accentuate your outfit with a protective statement hat.

4. The Bold and The Beautiful:

If we’re talking about beauty, makeup, of course, must be mentioned. Bright and bold lip colors will be all the rage this summer. And when paired with those gorgeous peepers, you’ll be well on your way to becoming Summer Beauty Queen for 2021.

3. The Perfect Summer Mane:

When you think of sun protection, naturally your epidermis comes to mind (as it should - totally important). But, your lovely skin is not the only thing that can get very much damaged when left unprotected from the sun - your beautiful and luscious locks can’t take the heat (or UV rays) either. A hat will help but you should also consider using a hair protecting cream or balm. Keep that summer mane as lovely as it should be.

2. TLC for the Skin You’re In:

Although a skincare routine is a necessity regardless of the season, in summer it tends to become a bit more necessary. With summer fun, usually comes sunshine and heat - YAY for a good time, not so great for your skin. Heat typically amps up the oiliness of our skin, making it super shiny - and not in a good way. So, in addition to sticking to your skincare routine, you should consider storing your products - wait for it... in the fridge. Yep, you heard me right. The coldness will help shrink and close your pores! Voila, no more shiny Sheila!

1. Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen:

Saving the best, and most important trend, for last - sunscreen. And, while sunscreen itself isn't a trend (more like a daily necessity), there are now more ways to apply it then ever before. Many makeups and moisturizers contain SPF, so they are great for boosting your regular sunscreen. Don't get it twisted, you still need to apply a traditional sunscreen! SPF facial mists, like ZINC IT OVER are convenient, easy, and fun options for reapplication throughout the day. SPF powders are another relatively new method, just remember- they aren't enough on their own! 

There you have it - some new, some oldies but goodies. This is YOUR summer, make it count. After the year that we all just had, I think us looking positively gorgeous for the summer is more than deserved. Stay safe, sexy, and glowy everyone and have a fabulous summer!

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