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Back to School Skin Care Tips You Need to Know

back to school skin care tips

You may be going crazy this time of year as you gear up to head back to school but try not to stress out. Once you have the latest fashions, shoes, school supplies, and books, that only leaves one thing to think about: your skincare routine!

Going back to school should include a look at your skin health and how to implement a new back to school skincare routine.

Have a Skin Care Routine

Summer is a laid back, no routine, laying on the beach, type of season- then the first day of school sneaks up on ya! With a schedule quickly filling up with early mornings, rotating classes, studying and sports, a well-planned routine is key to keeping your great looking skin all year long. Starting back to school is stressful enough, help yourself out with a little planning and a routine.

It's recommended to start with a cleanser, then a quality moisturizer. Finish up your routine with a toner, and sunscreen. You may be thinking that sunscreen is not needed now that you're not worshiping the sun all day, but it is still an important part of your skincare routine. With ZINC IT OVER® Fine + Sheer Sunscreen Facial Mist you can keep it in your purse or bookbag and reapply between classes. It doesn't hurt that it's also a makeup setting spray and comes in two divine scents (or unscented). We promise your future, less-sun damaged self will thank you for this!

Practice this routine now, so that when school starts, you're ready for it.

Remember to Change...

The sheets, that is! Your Mom knew what she was doing when she routinely changed your bed linens. This is one overlooked place that harbors all sorts of skin annoying stuff. Every night you lay your pretty head down on a filthy, germ-ridden, bacteria festering sheet. These bacteria and germs are all causes of acne. Do your skin a favor and habitually wash the sheets and pillows from your bed. Once a week is a good rule to follow. Your skin will be able to rest, breathe and look more rejuvenated when it has a clean place to spend hours every night.


Never underestimate the benefits of washing makeup off at night. Night time is the opportunity for your skin to breathe. You spend hours exposing your skin to pollution, UV rays, and other harm. Think about the dirty cell phones that you've pressed to your ear, the germs you've touched in the subway and then transferred to your chin inadvertently. You do it all day long, and these are the type of harmful germs that will increase your chance of a breakout.

In the evening it's a great time for your pores to open up and your skin to rebuild and heal. This is why it is important to wash your face and make it apart of your back to school skincare routine.

Don't neglect your brushes, either. They touch your skin, every day. Routinely cleaning the oil, skin, and debris from your makeup brushes will help as well when dealing with breakouts.


An important key to dealing with breakouts is to stay hydrated. Your diet plays a key role in the health of your skin. An easy way to improve your diet and your skin is to commit to remaining hydrated. This enables your skin to release toxins when you sweat, leaving a beautiful and subtle skin that is glowing and healthy looking. Finishing several water bottles in a day is a great solution to add to your skincare routine.

Back to school is a time of change that can bring about a lot of stress. A back to school routine for your skin (and every other aspect) is vital to relieving stress, minimizing breakouts and controlling acne. A solid skincare routine will put you at ease. It does not have to be a long or hard routine, but with a few simple tips like hydrating your body, regularly washing, and cleaning the sheets, your skin will be glowing, healthy and ready to go back to school.

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