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Top 4 Gifts for Makeup Artists and Beauty Bloggers

Best SPF setting spray for makeup artists.

Finding sensational gifts for makeup artists and other beauty lovers may seem impossible. Judging from the stockpile of makeup on their vanity, it probably looks like they have everything. We assure you, however, they don’t. Most would agree, when it comes to beauty products, you can never have too much! The quality of the product, however, is a huge factor and there are some must-haves that will give you some serious cool points. Move on over lipgloss! If you really wanna get something that will wow them, stick with us. We’ll show you the best makeup gifts for the special beauty guru in your life.

Fenty Beauty Mini Fairy Bomb

This pretty puff from Rihanna's Fenty Beauty line will definitely make anyone's holiday once they take this from under the tree. It comes already packaged with a fine 3D shimmer that you can directly apply to the body. For people who find having to slather on moisturizers a chore (which is a lot of folks out there), the Mini Fairy Bomb eliminates that task. This luminizer offers you a way to moisturize your body while giving it a soft, shimmery glow. Simply dab the puff over the desired areas and voila!

Zinc It Over Sunscreen Facial Mist

Zinc It Over Sunscreen Facial Mist Trio

If we're talking about beauty gifts that everyone wants, then this list just wouldn't be complete without Zinc It Over Sunscreen Facial Mist. Sunscreen is important, we get it, but there really isn't any feasible way to put it on while wearing what we would say if this product wasn't a thing! The beauty about ZInc It Over is that it can just be sprayed over the face while wearing makeup to meet the recommended every two-hour application. And on top of that, none of that dreaded white cast!

Sephora Favorites Lashtash

The Sephora Lashtash is hands down one of the best makeup gifts for makeup artists you can get. This is a set of 10, yes 10 mascaras that come in a reusable box. Stretch, volumize, and enhance the eyelashes with wands that curl and define. The set has new mascaras, some classics, like Lancôme, and a mascara primer. Anyone can add an entirely new dimension of incredible to their eyelashes with the Lashtash box set.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hydrating Lip Gloss Stick

Marc Jacobs Enamored Hydrating Lip Gloss Stick

OK, so, we know we implied that lip gloss was not the way to go, but hear us out! That was just referring to the cheap kind that makes you look like you ate an entire bucket of super greasy fried chicken. Nobody wants or needs that. Truly, one of the best makeup gifts you can give is good lip gloss. The comes in 8 different shades and each one hydrates the lips as they glide on with no effort at all. Simply apply the colorful, shining 30 coats of lacquer with the custom droplet shaped applicator and face whatever the day has in store.

We hope you enjoyed learning about gifts for makeup artists that they will flip over. Keep in mind, though, that these are gifts anyone that loves makeup would be excited to have. Of course, by anyone, we do mean you too. After all, you deserve nice things as much as anyone else does. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, so whether it’s for you or someone special, you can never go wrong with quality beauty gifts.

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