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Don't Forget to Apply Sunscreen Here!

apply sunscreen

These days, everyone, or at least almost everyone, knows the importance of wearing sunscreen whenever you are spending time outside. Sunscreen will help to prevent from getting sunburnt and will also help to prevent premature aging, including fine lines and wrinkles. Most importantly,  it's important to preventing skin damage that could lead to cancer. However, while you may understand the importance of wearing sunscreen, you may not be aware of these 8 places where most people commonly forget to apply it.


Ears are one of the most commonly forgotten places to apply sunscreen, but they are also a body part that receives a lot of sun. If you have short hair or pull your hair up when you are outside, you are exposing your ears even more. The delicate skin on the tops and backs of your ears is extremely prone to sunburn and will cause you a lot of pain later if you forget to apply your sunscreen to them first. An easy way to remember is to simply pull your hair back if you have long hair, or if not, simply make sunscreen application on your ears part of your face sunscreen routine.

The Bottom of Your Feet

Most people don't think about the soles of their feet when applying sunscreen, but if you plan to lay out for a while to catch a tan, laying on your stomach will expose the bottoms of your feet to sunlight they aren't used to and you will suffer a sunburn that will make it extremely painful to walk.


Many may not think to apply sunscreen to their scalp because it is always covered with hair. However, if you are wearing your hair with a part, you'll want to be sure to dab a little sunscreen along your hairline, hair part, or any other exposed scalp areas to protect your head from prolonged sun exposure that it is not used to. If you are bald, this is especially important.

Lower Legs and Backs of Knees

The lower leg area and the backs of the knees are the most commonly cited areas where skin cancer is found, according to doctors. Be sure not to miss these important areas of your leg to avoid risking exposure.


Another easy-to-forget spot, be sure to include the delicate skin on your eyelids by simply closing your eyes when you apply sunscreen to your face. Making this a part of your routine will ensure that you are protecting one of the most tender and thin-skinned, yet very important, areas of your body.

Backs of Hands

The backs of hands are easily forgotten as most people rinse or wash their hands after applying sunscreen to avoid greasy fingers. After you've finished washing your hands, simply apply a dab of sunscreen directly from the bottle to the back of one hand, then rub the backs of both hands together in a circular motion to distribute evenly.


Your lips are another very delicate area that is often overlooked. A great way to remember your lips is to use a lip balm that contains SPF. Another option is to simply apply a thin layer of your regular sunscreen to your lips as part of your facial suncare routine.

Chest and Neck

A little known fact about your neck and chest area is that they are mainly composed of the same thin and delicate skin that is on your face. You should always remember to apply sunscreen in these areas to prevent aging and damage exposure just as you would for the skin on your face.

Using sunscreen means that you care about your skin, health, and outward appearance. It's important to remember, however, that proper use is just as important! Make sure you are putting on enough protection, reapplying every two hours, and applying it to all exposed skin.

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