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danielle packer the earth co

Welcome back glowbunnies! Danielle Packer of The Earth Co. is on a mission to educate others on all things eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and non-toxic. We're excited to have her answer some of our burning questions in an effort to do better for the animals, the earth, and our bodies. After all, that's what we're all about here at Seriously Fab, read on!

Danielle Packer

Instagram: @the_earth_co


danielle packer the earth co

SF: Hey Danielle! Let's start by telling us about The Earth Co. and how it all started.

Danielle: My name is Danielle Packer and I am the owner of The Earth Co. a place that teaches and sells all things eco-friendly, cruelty-free and toxin-free! I have always had such a big heart for the environment and its creatures and want to do my best in everyday life to protect it. Choosing to start up The Earth Co. was a decision I made because I wanted a platform I could educate others to live more eco-conscious lives as well because after all, education is how change starts!

SF: What advice would you give others that want to transition to cruelty-free or vegan products?

Danielle: I understand that choosing cruelty-free or vegan products is a bit inconvenient and means going out of your way but remember every purchase DOES make a difference. You are contributing to a world with less suffering to innocent animals. To me, that is worth the inconvenience. Personally, I usually go to big brands that have products that are all cruelty-free. My favorite example is The Body Shop. This way, I don’t have to research so much to find cruelty-free brands within a store. When I go to the Body Shop, I know everything is aligned with my values.

SF: Do you feel the beauty industry is embracing the cruelty-free movement? Do you think it will continue to grow?

Danielle: Definitely! I can see more and more people realizing the impact they have and wanting to be a part of positive change. More and more brands are listening to consumers and our demand for cruelty-free products. Consumers hold the power. Remember that!

danielle packer the earth co

SF: What is your favorite quote?

Danielle: 'There is no more neutrality in the world. You either have to be part of the solution, or you're going to be part of the problem.'- Eldridge Cleaver

SF: Why supporting cruelty-free or vegan beauty brands important to you?

Danielle: To be honest, it is not important to me, rather it’s important for our world and the animals that are mistreated. We need to realize that this is our world and we are here to look after it and its creatures, not exploit and destroy them, especially for the sake of beauty which can be achieved without harmful practices. Choose love over convenience. Even though we can’t see the positive impact we are having when we choose ethically, it is still a beautiful act of love, and that’s a world I want to be a part of.

SF: What makeup product can you not leave home without?

Danielle: I can’t leave my house without my mascara! I am usually a natural type of girl and don’t wear too much makeup up every day, but if I want to look a little bit pretty, I wear mascara. I get mine from The Body Shop of course!

SF: How young should a skincare routine start? What advice would you give young girls (pre-teens/teens)?

Danielle: I believe skincare routine should start around the time you get your period. That’s when all our hormones are doing crazy things and your body starts changing. Everybody is different, and I am no expert but for me, I just rinse my face with water every morning when I was in my teens and didn’t have any skin problems whereas my younger sister did. I advise you to keep it simple; don’t go crazy buying all these different products that can have harmful, harsh chemicals, such as Nivea products to name one. Cleanse once in the morning and put on some moisturizer and your set! One regret I have is not moisturizing when I was younger, I didn’t realize it helps your skin prevent wrinkles as you get older! So, I recommend moisturizing too!

danielle packer the earth co

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