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The Best Benefits Of Pomegranate For The Skin

benefits of pomegranate for the skin

By now, it's safe to say that you've more than likely heard all of the various DIY regimens that you can use for your skin. These organic ingredients help to renew, refresh and hydrate your skin, providing a healthy and natural glow. Not to mention, almost all of the ingredients are often found right in your kitchen!

The list is endless, but one of the items that simply can't be ignored is the beautiful pomegranate. There are so many benefits when it comes to pomegranate, especially for your overall skin health, and here, were are going to give you the inside scoop on why you should be adding it to your skin regimen as well.

Let's get started with our look at the amazing benefits and uses of pomegranate!

What Makes Pomegranate Unique To Skin Health?

Just like with many other fruit-based products, pomegranates are filled with beneficial nutrients and antioxidants that help to rejuvenate the health of your skin, as well as your overall health. Because they are so jam packed with these various nutrients, they are a key ingredient for those who are wishing to fight issues such as skin aging, blemishes, and more.

The Many Benefits Of Pomegranate For Your Skin

As we just mentioned, pomegranates are filled with some of the best nutrients and antioxidants that help with problem areas with our skin, nails, hair, and more. To start, pomegranates provide an excellent source of Vitamin C and antioxidants such as flavonoids and proanthocyanidins. These nutrients allow for our skin to combat problems such as age lines, wrinkles, blemishes, breakouts, inflammation and so much more.

Fun Fact: Pomegranate can also help to protect your skin from the sun's rays, and help to prevent cancer as well. The secret once again lies in the antioxidant factors of the fruit, which actually help to produce anti-tumor forming properties that can arise under the skin. It is truly one fruit that you can't live without.

The best part? You can use almost every single part of the pomegranate as part of your DIY skin regimen every week, which leads to our next topic -- how to use it!

How Can You Use Pomegranate On Your Skin

There are many, and we mean many, ways that you can use pomegranate to help your skin for the long run. Of course, the first thing that many would think to use from the fruit itself is the juice! You can add pomegranate juice to create a facial mask to fight age lines and inflammation, or you can even drink it to boost your skin from the inside out!

Many also use other parts of the pomegranate, such as the seeds and the seed oil. The seeds of the fruit are where all of the antioxidants can be found; All you need to do is grind them up to create a remarkable exfoliant to fight blemishes and breakouts right away. Top it off with a pomegranate seed oil to cleanse, nourish, and moisturize your skin and keep it looking beautiful from here on out.

Either way you look at it, pomegranate has the power to bring your skincare game to a whole new level. Who knew that one fruit could provide so many amazing benefits and skin rejuvenating uses, whether we eat it, drink it, or apply it topically?

If you are ready to step up your skin care and overall health of your skin, it may be time to make a trip to your local market for the one and only pomegranate. 

pomegranate for the skin

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