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The Surprising Link Between Sleep and Skin Health

sleep and skin connection

The correlation between skin health and getting the right amount of sleep has been a hot topic for years. According to most skincare experts, the clear conclusion is that sleep, and particularly lack of sleep, can have more than a few negative effects on the health and beauty of your skin.

So, before you rush out to the nearest dermatologist for the latest (and super expensive!) skincare beauty treatment - be sure that you are giving your epidermis a worthy foundation. There is no beauty without sleep.

Sleep - Your Body’s Ultimate Recovery Period

We spend approximately one-third of our days sleeping. During sleep, your body is hard at work - recovering from the various environmental damage from the day such as sun exposure, as well as turning up the production of collagen (which fights against skin sagging and plumps it up at the same time). The more hours of sleep that you get, preferably at least 7 to 9 hours each night, the more recovery can be done.

Beauty Benefits of Getting Enough Sleep

Thanks to all the recovering, repairing, and collagen-producing that is going on while you are catching those ZZZ’s, not only will you notice a more youthful glow to your epidermis, but wrinkles and fine lines will also become less noticeable. While sleeping more does not replace a regular skincare routine, it can, and will, make it more productive.

connection between sleep and beauty

Skin-Friendly Beauty Sleep Tips

Wash Your Face Before Bed: Not After: While many might swear by washing your face in the morning, doing so before bedtime will probably be more beneficial to your skin. Removing the dirt, makeup, and excess oils of the day, especially before snoozing, eliminates the risk of allowing it to sit on, and seep into, your skin during the night.

Bedside Water for Midnight Sipping: Sleeping can dehydrate and dry out the skin. In addition to using the correct type and consistency of moisturizer, you should always keep a glass of water handy at your bedside. It will give you something to drink should you wake up thirsty and will deter you from sipping something less healthy.

Check and Fix Your Sleeping Environment: A cool environment, or one with lower humidity, can cause drying of the skin and sleeping with your skin up against certain fabrics can also cause issues. If possible, up the humidity in your sleeping area and try to use more skin-forgiving fabrics, such as satin, for your bed sheets and pillowcases.

Stay on Your Back: No, we are not referring to adult situations (although, THAT can do wonders for your skin, among other things - wink, wink). Training yourself to sleep on your back will help avoid your skin having prolonged contact with sometimes abrasive sleeping coverings, including cotton sheets. These fabrics can have a buildup of irritants which can cause havoc with your skin.

Appropriate Moisturization: One of the biggest factors that come into play with sleep and skin health is overnight moisturization or the lack thereof. Overnight moisturizers are absolutely imperative if you want healthy, happy, and glowing skin. Moisturizers that are made for night time use tend to be thicker which helps it absorb while you snooze.

Hydration, a healthy diet, exercise and zinc sunscreen- all great for your skin and overall health - but the strongest weapon in your arsenal is, in fact, allowing your skin the opportunity to rest and recoup. Sleep and beauty go together like peanut butter and jelly - you simply can’t have one without the other. Hmmm, maybe Sleeping Beauty was onto something?

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