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The Top Skin Care Products for Women Over 30

Skin Care Products for Women Over 30

Now that you’re thirty or over, what does that mean for your skincare products? You made it through some wild days in your twenties, and now you’re feeling confident and happy with where you are now. Or maybe looking forward to making big changes in the future. But, how much should you actually worry about premature aging at this point?

The reality is, our skin and face change a lot as we age. Thirty may not look much different than twenty on the outside, but if you’re not careful, it’ll show up sooner than you realize. To transition your skin smoothly from your 20-year-old habits to a glowing thirty, follow these tips and check out these great skincare products.

skin care over 30

1. Use Makeup Designed for Skin Care

Many people go without makeup in the mistaken belief that it allows their skin to breath. While it’s not a good idea to cake on several layers of makeup every day, using foundations and creams that offer UV protection is actually better for your skin than going bare. Try something like BareMinerals or anything that offers an SPF of at least 15.

2. Invest In Neck Cream

Your neck actually starts to show the sign of aging before your face. That means once you turn 30, you need to start investing in neck cream. You may not notice wrinkles now, but you’ll be glad you took preventative measures. Check out Eminence Organic Skin Care Ultra Lift Neck Cream, and don’t let your neck or collarbones give away your age!

3. Use Cleanser

Of course, in your 20s you were taught to scrub off your makeup every night. But by the age of 30, you should be getting rid of those makeup wipes, and switching to cleanser. Wipes often contain alcohol, which is great for your makeup, but not so much for your skin. It can dry it out much faster than a cleanser and water. As you age, it gets harder and harder for your skin to rehydrate itself. So from now on, switch to cleanser, and don’t skip the moisturizer!

4. Use Night Cream

In your 20s, separate creams for day and night didn’t really seem necessary. But the reality is, when you are asleep, your body switches into rest and repair mode. Night cream is specially formulated to help your skin repair itself. It can help boost blood circulation, and boost the collagen level in your skin, which helps prevent wrinkles as you age!

5. SPF

Wearing SPF is important at any age but now life is busier than ever! You may have a flourishing career, a family, and not much time to think about your skincare routine. Ignoring skin care, especially at this age, however, is risky. Your skin is not as resilient as it was in your twenties so it's important to take steps to protect it. One of the easiest is sun protection- it will reduce age spots, premature wrinkles, and the chances of developing skin cancer. Investing in products like ZINC IT OVER Sunscreen Facial Mist that allows you to reapply directly over makeup every 2 hours, and skin care products with built-in SPF will make it easy and convenient.

6. Eye Cream Is Your Friend

Like your neck, your eyes tend to show your age before the rest of your face. A good eye cream used regularly can help boost elasticity, increase collagen, and avoid crows feet and smile lines. So you can grin and bare the aging process! Be aware that different skin types have different needs when it comes to eye cream. Choose a tightening eye gel for puffiness, a nourishing moisturizer for dryness, and a cream with retinol for fine lines. If you’re not sure which you need, check with a dermatologist.

Every day you’re getting older, but it doesn’t have to show up on your face. Keeping your skin looking it's best isn't as complicated as it seems. Follow these tips to keep your youthful glow for years to come- like a boss!

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